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It's not too late to get Stencil and create beautiful holiday images for your #marketing efforts. Sign up here:

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Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas - 31 days of #christmasinjuly
31 days of #christmasinjuly  filled with corporate holiday gift ideas - here are the first 5
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Gear up for your holiday marketing messages with this image size cheat sheet

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Companies large and small need to find a way to be responsive on Social Media, learn why here

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Learn how you can improve your customer service efforts to grow your bottom line.  

Is anyone else having an issue sharing an article in a group? I tried several times this morning to share a link to a Crains NY article, in which I was quoted, to a very small closed group of which I am a part, no luck. To test further, I tried posting it to a larger group where I know it will not be viewed as spam since it had the express purpose of testing whether there is another bug in LI, again no luck.  however, when I posted just text in the second group, it worked no problem.

This is the exact order that I was entering things - I enter the title, put in some text in the "add more" discussion box and then as soon as I try to paste in the link to the article the whole thing vanishes and I get the red warning to enter a title

Is anyone else having this issue? Or does anyone know why it is happening?  Thanks!

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While you are finalizing and implementing your marketing plans for the year it is a good thing to make sure you have your definitions straight

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Are you still on track with your 2015 goals?  Learn how to focus your team on reaching them

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Had a great time doing this interview with +Biba Pedron - Hope you find the information that we shared to be helpful

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How to Handle the "No" - help for #Screenwriters  on +ScriptMag.  This is my first post for wonderful editor +Jeanne Veillette Bowerman there will be more - have a marketing topic that you want to learn about?  Leave it here in a comment. 
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