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Some stunning and inspiring libraries.

The World’s Weirdest Libraries (Photos)
Camels, manta rays, and tree boxes—people have been getting creative to get folks to take out a book.
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Thanks to +George Station​ for sharing this.
Reform Your Classroom.
Little bits of practical advice like this do more than "big ideas"(tm) that require big piles of money.
Over the years, when it comes to student cellphones in class, I've moved from outright hostility to begrudging acceptance to looking at them as an overall benefit (though not unreservedly)-- at lea...
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Anne Hole

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This seems to work really well. I am using it write this and it could be a great keyboard replacement.
oops! Forgot to say I found this thanks to +Laura Gibbs
Today we launched Google Handwriting Input (, which lets users handwrite text on their Android mobile device as an additional input method for any Android app, supporting 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts. It works with both printed and cursive writing input with or without a stylus. Beyond text input, it also provides a fun way to enter hundreds of emojis by drawing them (simply press and hold the ‘enter’ button to switch modes). It also works with or without an Internet connection. Learn more at
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Anne Hole

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It is actually possible to use Pinterest for useful tasks, though it may not seem so at first glance. Here's how. When it comes to discussions about using social media websites as tools to help your communication, business, or day-to-day life, Pinterest is often overlooked. Pinterest is typically characterized as a website for wasting time or ambitious…
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Anne Hole

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I got excited about this for a minute, but of course it works on Bluetooth and I'm pretty sure that the PCs built into teaching rooms on a uni campus won't have Bluteooth, so it will be limited to presenting via a laptop - which could still have its uses.
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This would only work if these Bluetooth dongles (and the app) don't need any drivers or software installing on the PC because machines in teaching rooms are understandably restricted to avoid that.
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Anne Hole

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In our latest podcast, Paul Richardson talks us through this week's Open Education Conference and explains how Jisc is helping institutions to make best use of open educational resources, touching on our work with +Bangor University 
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Interesting news item - especially with #OERl5 on at the moment.
Teachers in the UK, who have often complained about long hours at home making their own class materials, are selling their lessons online.

The +TES Connect is running a digital marketplace for teachers to sell their lesson ideas to other teachers. It is the latest example of teachers producing their own bespoke classroom materials and sharing them online.
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Anne Hole

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Google Forms getting STARTED
Quick guide to getting started with using Google Forms. Please feel free to utilize this resource with students and teachers in trainings on Google Forms. Please do not republish this graphic to yo...
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Of interest to #BYOD4L  peeps!
Marvellous post on the +ALT newsletter by +Catherine Cronin - telling about a workshop led by +Dave White and +Donna Lanclos during #openeducationwk on  mapping  #vandr  Visitors and Residents.  
As part of Open Education Week 2015, Dave White and Donna Lanclos facilitated a Visitors & Residents workshop “Marvellous Mapping” for educators and researchers at the National University of Ireland in Galway. Dave is the originator of the Visitors and Residents concept and Dave and Donna are on ...
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Marvellous post on the +ALT newsletter by +Catherine Cronin - telling about a workshop led by +Dave White and +Donna Lanclos during #openeducationwk on  mapping  #vandr  Visitors and Residents.  
As part of Open Education Week 2015, Dave White and Donna Lanclos facilitated a Visitors & Residents workshop “Marvellous Mapping” for educators and researchers at the National University of Ireland in Galway. Dave is the originator of the Visitors and Residents concept and Dave and Donna are on ...
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Many thanks, Anne -- for the invitation to write this article for the ALT newsletter and for the editorial support :)
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At work I'm a learning technologist. At home I have a husband and 2 old cats.
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