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Anne De Nicolo

Bionic Spine helping people - This video is about local innovative medical technology and biomedical engineering in the work by Tom Oxley on brain computer interfaces with robotics for patients with spinal cord injuries. This video was promoted by Hour of Code in ABC Splash and Tom talks about his thinking style as primarily abstract and acknowledges that he is supported by colleagues when working with algorithms. #cserTask1

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Not Australian but interesting – is coding a new language?
Beginning in September 2014, England is implementing a compulsory computer coding in schools at all grade levels. code/?

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The importance of problem solving as a critical skill is shown in the results from the 2012 OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment. Australian high school students perform better at solving problems than in tests of maths, reading or science, with the first international tests of the skill placing Australia in ninth place, about 40 points behind the leading nations of Singapore and South Korea. The interactive tests required students to uncover the necessary information.
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