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My books are mysteries full of mayhem and fun, romance and comedy.
My books are mysteries full of mayhem and fun, romance and comedy.

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“Of all the sites on your list, this one stole my beautiful wife from me.” He looked down at her, his face lined with pain. “If we stay, I fear it will rob me of my hard-headed daughter, too.” ~Dr. Juan García #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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“Your mother was one of the brightest, smartest, most amazing women I’ve ever met in my almost forty years in the archaeology field. But I’m telling you here and now.” He pounded the leaf-littered ground with one crutch for emphasis. “She was wrong on this particular theory.” He pointed toward the three-story-high structure visible between the breaks in the trees. “What she found at that temple was more than a warning. This place has a history of death.” ~Dr. Juan García #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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“You think you can read men as easily as you can Mayan glyphs?”
“Maya glyphs. Mayan refers only to the language. And no, I can’t.”
~Dr. Angelica García #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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“Make No Bones About It delivers page-turning adventure, mystery, and romance! I couldn't put the book down as I raced to the action-packed conclusion. A must read!”
~Joleen James, Award-winning Author of the Hometown Alaska Men Series #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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“Boss lady?” a sleepy voice whispered in between her father’s snores.
“What are you doing awake, Parker? Do you need something?” She reached for her canteen of water in case he was thirsty.
“That’s a loaded question.” He yawned. “How late is it?”
A glance at her watch made her blink in surprise. “Almost midnight.” She’d gotten lost in the past.
“You need to get some sleep.”
“I need to find answers,” she countered.
“You’re not going to be sharp enough to figure them out if you don’t get some sleep.”
Her father snore-coughed, making them both look his way. He rolled onto his side, his back toward them, and resumed his chainsawing, only more muffled.
“Why does your father wear socks to bed when it’s like one hundred and ten degrees in here?”
“They’re magic socks. They keep the scorpions away.”
“No shit.” Quint yawned again. “Shut your light off, sweetheart, and close your eyes.”
“Are you going to tell me a bedtime story?”
“Sure, if you let me be the boss for once and do as I say.”
Why not? Her eyelids were growing heavy. She killed the lamplight, fluffed her pillow, and lay back.
“Did anyone check you for ticks tonight?” she asked in the darkness.
“Your father did.”
“Good.” She snuggled into her pillow, a smile on her lips. Quint was there with her. He’d help her find the stela. He might argue with her about it at first, but he’d understand why she had to come to this site once she told him about her mom’s notes. “Tell me that story, Parker.”
His cot creaked. “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, auburn-haired maiden who liked to drink Mexican beer on a beach in the moonlight.”
She knew this story already. “Alone?”
“Yes, until she met an amazingly strong, virile, incredibly smart and handsome hero and realized she couldn’t live without him.”
“That’s a lot of adjectives for one hero.”
“I’m just getting started.” He yawned again. “Wait until I get to the part about how impressive his pectoral and abdominal muscles are. We’re talking Incredible Hulk, minus the excess chlorophyll, with six-pack abs stacked on top of a twelve-pack. You’ll be drooling all over your pillow before I’m done.”
She giggled. “Go to sleep, Quint. You’ve tempted me enough for one day.”
~Dr. Angélica García and Quint Parker #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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Juan patted Quint on the shoulder. “Go finish your breakfast. We have a lot of work to do yet clearing that cave-in and it’s only going to get hotter. I came up with an idea this morning of how we can shore up that inner chamber enough for one other crew member to work inside with us, making the job go faster.”
“You think that’s safe?” Yesterday, the whole entrance looked wobbly, the stones seemingly ready to cave in at any moment.
Juan scrunched up one side of his face. “Safe is a word I like to use loosely.”
“I remember.”
“I’m not going in there with you,” Pedro told Juan, his phone safely tucked away.
“I didn’t ask you to, you big baby.” Juan softened his insult with a wink. “That’s why I’m taking Quint. He whimpers less.”
“I do?”
Juan held up his index finger and thumb close together. “A pinch or so when we’re in the tight spots.”
~Quint Parker #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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Forcing himself to move deeper into the cavern, he approached what looked like a small pile of broken sticks—one of many such piles in the room. On the other side of the sticks was another slightly bigger pile consisting of what looked like round rocks.
He started to move his flashlight beam over to the far wall, but then stopped, returning to that last pile.
Those weren’t rocks.
His mouth suddenly dry, he took a step toward them, stepping onto one of the sticks.
His beam lowered to his boot.
That wasn’t a stick.
The hair rose on the back of his neck.
~Quint Parker #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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“Quint,” she started.
“What, Angélica?”
She took his hand in hers. “I’d rather be a dynamic duo.”
A smile crept up his face. “We could wear masks.”
“Are we back to the topic of whips and sex again?”
“When did we leave it?”
She let go of his hand and led the way back to the partially collapsed wall, worrying her lip all the way.
If her mom had been murdered, she wanted to know why. But at what cost?
What was she willing to risk to find out the answers that would smother the fire in her stomach and finally lay her mother’s memory to rest?
~Dr. Angelica García #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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“I’m not talking about architecture. That crack has me wondering about something that the glyphs or carvings in here may explain. With closer examination, I hope to figure out if this chamber is merely another burial tomb of the site’s previous nobility, or if it’s something else.”
“Like what?”
She looked at the carving of Yum Cimil. “Maybe a gateway to the Maya Underworld.” ~Dr. Angelica García #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady

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She squeezed Quint’s hand, hiding her worries behind a smile. “Come on, Parker.” She adopted Foghorn’s voice. “Quit drag … I say quit dragging your tail feathers and help me with these blocks so you can get the hell out of this death trap.”
His eyes crinkled in the corners. “You need to work on that impression, boss lady.”
“You can kiss my tail feathers.”
~Dr. Angelica García and Quint Parker #MakeNoBonesAboutIt #AnnWCharles #DigSiteMysterySeries #MayaDig #Archaeology #BossLady
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