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The #Kardhasian #Jenners #demons being sued for one hundred trillion dollars for being lying demons, lacing their demon products they sell with demons, designed to kill humans.
These things are not human, they are lying demons. And the bullshit of mainstream media who is owned and run by the Illuminati demons pushing the lies of demons on humans is beyond criminal.
These things can not drive a car, own property, because they are demonic demon crap.
These demons are breaking at least 1,000 laws, including federal laws world wide.
Their very existence is a sin against all of humanity, every word they dribble, all lies and deception, every action from these demons is a sin against God. They will all burn by the hands of God and the Arch Angels in burning sulfur.

We are Guardians we work for God, exposing the demons hiding in plain sight, killing humans, killing your children, your entire families.

You will have to go to our Facebook to see the new forensic exposures, exposing this entire family as demons, not a human in sight. To read the full articles.
We have hundreds of forensics reveals on Facebook exposing this lying demon family. Massive ugly demons.

These demon Jenner - Kardashian's set up these TV shows, full of bullshit, to get to you and your family. Demons travel through power lines, through phone lines, through your mobile phone. Demons right into your home to kill your children, your entire families.
This is another way demons are reaching into family homes, to demonize and kill entire families.
Get off these demon's channels, get off these demons social media sites. You are now a target for demons, your entire family is.
Stop buying these demon products, and we mean all of them.
Music concerts are a feeding ground for demons. There is not one single music person in the spotlight that is now not fully demonized and now dead - demons have now taken the place of that human.
Demons create clones of the now dead person using demons.
This is where DARPA and FEMA and their burn sites come in, with their disposable coffins and sites to burn the bodies of dead humans.
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Three of the brave men featured in our exclusive documentary are now dead, they were killed by the Illuminati for exposing them over 50 years ago, their deaths are featured in this video.
Our own Guardians have had death threats, abuse, spammed because of this video documentary.
Every video we have produced, is also supported by the contents of this video.
Your entire Government, mainstream media, social media, entertainment industry, corporations are the Illuminati demons, they are demons - the fallen - or demons are controlling certain humans. BUT most humans are killed, a demon takes over than image.

Every day we witness the lies, destruction, terrorism of demons that is being fed to the humans that are left in the world - CERN are the Illuminati demons. The Hdyron Callider the greatest weapon that has ever been created that took 18 years, and trillions of dollars to create - the Arch of Baal are all the Illuminati demons and these three things are all linked together.
This weapon of mass destruction is launched the 23rd September 2017 European time.
God launches his own weapon against these demons, his Mega star.

Yesterday the 22nd September 2017 the official Illuminati sites left spam all over our videos, telling us to join their demons, give ourselves over to demons and be rich, bullshit and more bullshit.
Demons kill you, and take over your image, you are killed brutally, you are no more.

The plan right now in 2017 by the Illuminati - NWO is to kill, slaughter every human left on the planet.

"The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the
rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many
people died from the waters that had become bitter." (Rev 8:10–11)
"great star, blazing like a torch".

"the star called Wormwood seems to denote a mighty prince, or power of the air, the instrument, in its fall."

Wikileaks / Julian Assange - Edward Snowden demons - Illuminati - CIA caught red handed on video working Sysops for the Illuminati demons.

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*WORLD EXCLUSIVE Prince Harry Megan Markel Demons fake Humans 666 * : Want to know more, and see video of these fake humans who are demons 666 morphing, that have fooled you all, then you will just have to click play and watch the video and read the article link to view more. This is a longer version than the first we uploaded 2 days ago, this has even more forensic reveals in it of these lying, killing demons.
Boy did these lying killing demons fool the world.

Fake human - fake Prince - demon Harry is not the Antichrist, he is a fallen one - a demon. The real Antichrist revealed by God and his Guardians and through Revelations is in the video and in the article link, also proven using real forensics

Due to demon trolls, all comments have to be approved before being published. Your send us your demon crap, you will be reported and blocked. Demon trolls stick out a mile long, the are the ones trying to stop the truth of God, deflecting from it.

Our playlist is here - still shadowed by Youtube

We also have a VIMEO channel, link is in the channel links and on our websites. We have videos on our VIMEO channel that Youtube will not allow us to show you. Demon reveals, that Youtube kept blocking to stop the truth.

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Guardians world exclusive: 4th October 2017 blood red sky, Arch angles live video footage, part of Revelations. We are in Revelations right now people, as we have filmed live in all of our videos showing you this.

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Gods Angels filled the sky October 7th 2017 Revelations sounding of the Trumpets part 1.
The sky was full of angels, and they were landing on earth, filmed live
7th October 2017.
We are in Revelations people. This will be a 4 part video because there is so much angel activity to show you taken 6, 7, 8 October 2017, all filmed live as it is happening.

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Revelations of GOD and Jesus Christ 1- 22. We are in Revelations right now people, end of days. This is live video footage taken 6th October 2017 of Gods opening to heaven, Gods mega star and now the light wormwood, the angels all around Gods opening to heaven, flying out and around, and down to earth. The massive gold wings of the Arch Angel that flew right in front of the camera, and in the sky caught on video.
The angels coming forward with their trumpets, the sky filled with Angels, all live video footage.
We have put Revelations audio to the video as written in scripture thousands of years ago. Please watch the video in full screen and sit back on your lounge for you will see all the angel activity and you will see God and Jesus Christ.

Our VIMEO channel is here

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Milo Yiannopoulos and Pauline Hanson Illuminati NWO demons inciting terrorism and violence.
The Illuminati paid for this demon  Milo Yiannopoulos to come to Australia to incite violence, terrorism and spurt utter dribble. 
They are demons people, we have more than proved this with real forensics.

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#MiloYiannopoulos and #PaulineHanson NWO demons inciting terrorism and violence. The Australian Government is owned by the New World Order, by the Illuminati, they paid for this demon Milo Yiannopoulos to come to Australia to incite violence and terrorism.
These things are demons people, not human. Kick these demons out of this universe. They have zero rights, none.

The truth is buried not publicized - the words of Ted Gunderson who was assassinated by the CIA for exposing the Illuminati New World Order demons, yes exposing demons.

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#MiloYiannopoulos is a #DEMON fake human - terrorist for the NWO, the Illuminati who have hijacked your entire Government. The forensic proof is in this video.
Boycott this demon, stop giving it money, expose this demonic crap for what it is, a demon - fake human - a Terrorist for the NWO.

We are the Guardians - Gods army of Angels - exposing the demons - exposing the NWO - the Illuminati - exposing fake humans who are demons.
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