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Annabelle Letford
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Annabelle Letford

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Merry Monday Greetings my fellow G+ers!

Today has been kiddie based for me. Starting with brekkie and a tidy-up. We took advantage of the sunshine to take a trip to a local playground (complete with excellent climbing frames, swings, roundabouts and even a sandpit!) Great fun was had by all 5 of us.
After walking home, kids retired to the joys of computer gaming, and mum is left to get dinner ready.
Dinner is my own recipe:
"Tiny Potatoey Pies" (see pic)
which are to be served with a nice crisp green salad and French beans.
Still another week of hols to go, but I have the energy!! :-)
Wishing everyone all the best, and a pleasant evening.
A x
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Annabelle Letford

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Greetings fellow G+ers!

I've been keeping busy this week, but managed to fit in a lunch with hubbie and a friend today.
I made: Stuffed mushrooms with Taleggio, here are the pics!
ps: They were very yummy, and there are none left!
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sonja s
I thought it was eggplant
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Annabelle Letford

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Just So Cool!
HAD to reshare, big thanks to all knitters involved!
A friend asked my sister if she could make a VW Van pillow. Here's her answer!

My sister was nice enough to create a free crochet pattern if anyone's interested!
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Annabelle Letford

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Another photography fun thing!
The best one :) so sign up tomorrow all of my photokeen G+ friends.
Thanks +Chrysta Rae x
That's right - It's time to ANNOUNCE the next SIGN UP DATE

If you have been following the hunt over the last ten days,
watching the reveals take place from the current round
I'm sure you've seen just how much fun
the people who take part in them have.

The community of scavengers you enter alongside  
are people unlike anywhere else around.

We have our own community page where you will be able to interact with judges,
there are behind the scenes information on just how some of these outstanding pictures were created,
you will learn,
you will create friendships,
you will stretch your creative muscles.

The Scavenger Hunt is OPEN TO ANYONE 
who shares a passion for photography.
We have photographers of every level participating.
There is not a single reason to hesitate to join up!

So if this sounds like something you would like to be a part of,
Then visit my profile page here (+Chrysta Rae) on
FRIDAY, MARCH 21 at 12 NOON (mountain time zone)
and when you see the sign up post come up, 
simply say "I'm in" and the first 500 people will be entered.

(spots in the past have gone within 3 hours of the post - make sure you have your alarm set so you don't miss out!)

I cannot WAIT to play with you!!

Images below taken for the "Fuchsia album" by: +Angi Kim +Lauri Novak +David Thompson +Sharon Ragner +Burc Biagi +Kathleen Kent +Derek Kind +Marilou Aballe and +S. Rain Lawrence 
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Annabelle Letford

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I hope that all my fellow G+ers are having a fabulous Friday evening!
I certainly am, with new shoes, good company and a glass of rosé in hand :-)
Sunshine has been promised for tomorrow too, so I'm wishing us all a fantastic weekend as well.
A x
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Size 9 for me please:)
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Annabelle Letford

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Greetings fellow G+ers!

It's the Easter hols, so with the kids off school and the Sun shining, I'm out in my old trainers and shorts mowing the lawn. Hopefully, if the weather holds we'll be off to the funfair later.

Enjoying my Thursday and doing useful things, what are you guys upto today?

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Sounds joyful.

I spent the day at work. Now relaxing.

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Good evening fellow G+ers!

It's been a busy and hectic start to the week for me, and doesn't look like improving until next month!
So, this evening, after late night supermarket shopping, and realising I'd forgotten to buy tomatoes, I decided the best cure was, baking and a glass of rose!
Turned out pretty well too I think.
Tomorrow: kids and Dad, get cheese, onion and potato pastry's for lunch, and the bonus is I'm all relaxed and happy.
Roll on the rest of the week!
A x
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I love me some #foodporn yummy
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Annabelle Letford

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Going to try this out soon..
Thanks +Larry Fournillier.
ps: Circle him fellow G+ers :-)
Grilled Asparagus with Garlic-Habanero Sauce

This is my debut recipe on the collaborative +Cooking Stoned project between +Jerry James Stone and myself.  Hope you guys try this simple and tasty recipe soon.  Here is the link:

Photographer +Jerry James Stone 

#grilledasparagus     #asparagus   #garlichabanerosauce  
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Thanks for the re-share +Annabelle Letford :)
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Annabelle Letford

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I hope everyone is still enjoying the mid-week.
For my part, I've been baking cookies and gingerbread for tomorrow, as its the 7th birthday of one our boys.
I'm taking a break from the biccies to rustle up a quick pastabake for the kids dinner.
Have a great Wednesday evening my fellow G+ers.
A xx
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...and why wasn't I invited ...I want some of that tasty looking fresh baked stuff ...dRooL \{}^__^}/ ...and hApPy biRtHdaY to the BiRThdAy boy
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Annabelle Letford

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Wonderful Wednesday Greetings My Fabulous Fellow G+ers!

It's no secret that I love bargains, however, even when an item is mega-reduced it's junk unless you use it!
Last week I found a large foamcore board in a local art shop. I teamed it up with a frame that has been lurking unused in the loft, mixed in a ruler, scalpel, glue and tape.....

We now have a new Kitchen Noticeboard!
A little creativity, but tonnes more to be achieved today, so back into the fray I go!
Have fun, whatever you're up to people :)
A x
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First notice - stick the lavazza on, Marc on way home!
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Have her in circles
3,905 people
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Pleasant traditional looking pub, but utterly lacking in vegetarian food (unless you enjoy leek & potato soup at £5 a bowl!!). Beer overpriced and the barstools spin! Overall: could do a lot better.
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Great staff' always helpful and friendly and fab food!
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