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Anna Termulo
Live a life and work in freedom!
Live a life and work in freedom!


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Share and be blessed! :)

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Look for opportunities to bring out your creativity. :) #Learning #Canva #Graphics #Designs

If you are looking for not-so-complicated and a beginner-friendly online graphic design platform, then Canva is for you. Canva lets users access free design tools and options that are easy to use. You can choose from the designed layouts in Canva or you…

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How Stock Market Investing Made Easier For Me?

How I started investing in the Stock Market? Admit it. The word “Stock Market”, “Money” and “Investing” seems to be complicated and risky when you hear it. Right? I had the same feeling before. With learning and guidance, I realized that Stock Market…

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I'm exploring Wordpress :)

  So you want to create a website and start a blog? No need to worry if you don’t have any coding or design skills! WordPress, one of the most popular site and blog creation and management tool, will help you with this. It’s easy to build your website…

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Are you thinking of better ways to spend your 13th month bonuses? :)

Don't let your 13th month pay disappear in just a blink of an eye as if nothing happens.Let's spend wisely. :)

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And my first Homework Blog goes to... my first time to use Supremo 1 Action Camera and first time to visit Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Check the link below and explore virtually:

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