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Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Award-Winning Author of SMART Goals Book | Digital Marketing Exec | Content Marketing Advocate | Trainer and Speaker
Award-Winning Author of SMART Goals Book | Digital Marketing Exec | Content Marketing Advocate | Trainer and Speaker

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How to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Powerful Magnet for Recruiters & Opportunities

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With 380 million members worldwide, #LinkedIn goes way beyond just profiles and status updates. But if you're not even doing the bare minimum and haven’t even set up your profile properly yet, let’s catchup today!

Recently I was invited by the Georgia Gwinnett College and Women in Technology #WIT   to teach young students how to transform their +LinkedIn profile into a powerful magnet for recruiters. Here's a little sneak peek to our workshop:

So, to attract recruiters to your profile, you're going to have to think as a recruiter! They are busy. They have an agenda. They are looking for something very specific. Want them to find you, reach out to you, and offer opportunities to you? Follow these steps!

Profile settings.

Ensure your profile settings indicate "public" so recruiters can find you.

Profile picture.

Your picture is worth a thousand words. Show your face, be professional, have a friendly smile, don't look mean or angry or even indifferent, and please make sure it's just a headshot, not your full body! Oh, and no other people should be present on your LinkedIn profile picture, please!


This is your story in 120 characters. Who are you? What do you stand for? What value do you add? What's different about you? Are you an author? Have you won awards? Do you rescue abandoned animals? Are you certified in something cool? You have 120 character to communicate it, and please include keywords.

Custom URL.

You don't need a long default URL LinkedIn assigns to you. You can customize yours in 30 seconds. It's free. Include your name and then print in on your business card, embed it in your email signature, Twitter, and  

Contact information.

Do you want recruiters to be able to reach out to you? Make it easy for them! Include your website or portfolio URL. Your Twitter handle and link to it. Your Google Plus link. Your phone number. Your email of course. Your blog. 


Have you ever seen profiles written in the 3rd person? Don't do it, please.... Who wrote this about you? Your momma? You write this about yourself, so use “I” and don’t refer to yourself in the 3rd person, it's a bad practice. Whom is your summary addressed to? A recruiter! So, ensure that in 2,000 characters you communicate what they want to know - the value you add. And provide your email address and other contact information there as well. Embed media files, such as videos, PDF files, SlideShare presentations, etc. 


Here you have 2,000 characters for each section in this category, so explain the results you've accomplished and the value you delivered, not the tasks you performed. Mention any spacial projects. Software. List bullets for an easy read. 


Have you been recognized for some extraordinary accomplishments? Don't keep this a secret. Recruiters want to know. I promise! List them all in this section. 


Are you an expert in some kind of cool software? Tool a project management course? Got certified in negotiation? That's your competitive advantage, too.


Where did you go to school? What's your GPA? Leading any groups? Got a scholarship? Was featured in some special project?  Tell the world about it!


These are your skills. Type them, see what LinkedIn offers in autofill, and choose from the list. These are skills recruiters list as the ones they search for. Salesforce? Negotiation? Compliance? Governance? Project management? Here are some hot IT-related skills for 2015. 


People have so many good things to say about you! Don't believe me? Just ask! Each recommendation has a room for 3,000 characters - all about you. Make it your regular routine to request recommendations. They can make a difference.

Volunteer experience.

Life is bigger than just us. There's our community, there's our country, and the whole world. How do you make an impact? Do you save animals' lives? Do you fundraise for a homeless shelter for your birthday and donate? Do you entertain seniors on Saturdays? Do you lead a small group at your church? Share what makes you YOU! Show recruiters that you're not self-centered. You care.


Here you have 1,000 characters to list the kinds of things you enjoy doing: hiking, technology, cooking, skydiving, ice skating, skiing, and the like. 


Joining 50 groups boosts your ranking on LinkedIn. Make sure groups are relevant to you. Stay active and participate in conversations in your groups.


Follow influencers whose ideas you want to hear, especially in your industry.  Share their content in your status updates. Show recruiters that you are in-the-know and you are aware of all the current industry trends. 

 So, you watched the video and read the article. I listed many action items for you in the 16 sections described above. Was this a helpful read?

Comment below and let me know how these tips work for you.

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The term #Smarketing   refers to alignment between your sales and #marketing teams created through frequent and direct communication between the two. The purpose is to have measurable goals that each team agrees to hit so there’s mutual accountability

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#EmployeeAdvocacy can help drive brand awareness, create more website traffic, generate greater media exposure, amplify your message, improve your content engagement, and grow your #socialmedia footprint.

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Opportunity starts with a first impression...and our first challenge: share a photo of what dressing for success looks like with #PictureOpportunity, then get more tips for taking a great profile photo:

At some companies #CEO may respond to #Glassdoor reviews himself, at others each review response may to go through stages of approval by the executive who’s responding, then #Legal, then #HR, etc. The process will vary. #EmployerBranding

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