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One of the greatest #bindersofwomen  memes I've seen, for all you Google fans, created by my genius fellow Googler and dear friend +Julie Wiskirchen.

Share it if you love it. :-)

#bindersfullofwomen   #womenwednesday  
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I still prefer 'bind ALL the women', but this is a close second. Brava, +***** 
I am not clear why this is funny exactly.  
And it's so much greener - do it for the trees (which obviously Mitt cares about just about as much as he cares about women).
and you can access and control your women from anywhere...from any cloud-compatible device
+Mike Mac - Sure seems like something he could get behind, no? Make sure they're home in time to prepare dinner...
It does have a ring to it, I can hear the infomercials now.....
"Tired of trying to organize your lifelong collection of women in binders?....Need to get back that shelf space to proudly display your Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged Collectors Box Set?"" 
yeah, binders? Really - he's showing how out of touch he is with today's world. I'm surprised his binder wasn't full of mimeographed head sheets. 
Seriously? Why don't you be quiet and stop making fun of someone just because he used a term that isn't "cool" and high-tech. You're really showing your lack of education.
+Susan Monica Lol this is a meme. Trust me, people are making fun of Mitt because he's an out-of-touch sexist douchbag, not because he uses binders.
I learned that women come in binders last night...I didn't know that, or else why would have I looked for the right one? I could have ordered a binder....
But +pio dal cin   wait !  call in the next 10 minutes and we will double your order !  Just pay handling and contraception charges.
Hey don't make fun of him. Other chase women for years and don't find any, because they don't know that they come in binders !! :-) 
I hear he has one labeled "50 pages of wives"
yeah that's a family heirloom it's been handed down from his grandfather, he also has an international version called 50 shades of wives
Republicans don't believe in technology.
I don't understand the big deal. Most Americans do the same thing all the time. Black Americans seem to love doing it on average. Chinese immagrants can't help it do it.
can you believe he actually said that???? its not like men have done such a crackup job.
I am a women suffering, Isolated, my mail, phone, internet manipulated or blocked everywhere, it took me over 10 yrs to upload this video and Ytube placed where no one can see it ! Please share it with the world ! I am trying to save my family !! Why should I VOTE?When for over 10 Yrs"THEY"have failed to Help&Protect me, dying slowly!  #Bindersfullofwomen
If he stored it in the cloud then Obama would have it too since he's the government in the eye ?
J Krah
Just as long as Google remember they didn't build that.
A binder is another name for resume you fools. I guess when you just collect welfare you don't really need a resume though. 
+Dan Szramkowski   I have been interviewing for 20+ years and never asked anyone for a "binder" or have heard it called that.  Thanks for helping us understand more GOP slang.  I have also learned they call tax increases tax cuts, and they have discovered that up is actually down (but only for the last 4 years) but they can not explain it as polar shift or anything, because I also learned science is a ruse. 
Dont pay attention to Paul hes just moody
+Mike Mac Well that was enlightening. Maybe you could help us with a little DNC lingo? I'm a little rusty as I didn't know cutting the deficit in half in 4 years actually meant adding an additional 6 trillion to it!
Do you know who else has binders full of women?  The women advocacy groups who gave him the binders.  What is bad so bad about having resumes in a binder?  And why are we even talking about this.  Does no one care about the women being killed by Obama's drones?  Is there nothing more important than how some women's resumes where organized?  I don't like Romney, but what is wrong with you?  Is this where are nation is at. War and debt is going to destroy this country and the most important things to you are binders and big bird.