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Anna Michelle Richards
Transformational Coach. Counsellor. Healer. Writer. Mum of 10.
Transformational Coach. Counsellor. Healer. Writer. Mum of 10.

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We all have a story.

A core story we repeat throughout our lives.

These stories explain why our lives are the way they are.

Research proves that each time we retell our story, we modify it.

Our core stories are timeless. Dangerous.

Each time we repeat "I didn't get/ I wasn't loved/ I was abused//hurt/rejected/neglected/ignored/I don't matter/I'm not good enough" It is reinforced in the Nervous System and we experience that pain and restriction all over again.

Blaming is a selfish act. It's all about us. We see life through our eyes alone.

'Selfish' is the survival technique of a child and children are meant to be selfish.

The words we use when we blame are the words a child would use.

But we are not children.

Protecting ourselves is the responsible thing to do.

Adults do this not by blaming but by building strong, healthy Personal Boundaries.

Understand that perception becomes reality.

When you change the story which has had control over your life you give yourself Power, Choice and Freedom.

Make this year count. Make it your best year yet.

It's easier than you might think.


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Want more self- confidence? To understand your Worth and Purpose?

Want to stop feeling resentful, putting yourself down, to feel comfortable in your own skin?

Did you know that at the core of the negativity you often feel about yourself lies a layer of shame?

This shame is not yours. It is shame which has been passed down through family and through generations.

Shame guards against the possibility of being hurt again but blocks our ability to be Vulnerable.

Being Vulnerable is the only way we can ever be our true selves and fully experience Love.

Removing Shame removes the drive to hurt yourself through alcohol drugs food and chronic self-criticism.

Lifts you out of the grips of depression allows self-forgiveness and the release of suppressed emotion.

Strong Personal Boundaries are the key to being Vulnerable as well as Safe, Confident, in Control and Strong.

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Transformational Coaching with Anna Michelle Richards Will Show You How To Tackle Any Obstacle Keeping You Trapped, Stuck and Feeling Powerless .

Once You See The Patterns Created By These Outdated Beliefs For Yourself – You Will Intuitively Know The Action You Need To Take – In Order To Make The Change.

I Want to Invite You to Book Your Free 30 Minute Consultation When You Can Tell Me Exactly What You Need To Create Your Best Possible Life.

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Watch This Video Now to Find out the Number 1 Reason Childhood Stress and Trauma Remains as much a Part of Your Present, as Your Past.
Download Your Free PDF

Psssst… There’s a Reason You’re Struggling to Recover from Childhood Trauma

…and chances are it’s not what you’ve been led to believe.

If every time you walked into the gym with the intention of strengthening your upper body, you headed straight for the running machine, you’d reap some reward but would you get the results you wanted, would you get what you’d gone in there for? Sometimes just being in the right place with the best of intentions isn’t enough. Without targeting the specific area you want to improve you won’t get the results you’re after.
What does this have to do with trauma and recovery?

Well, if you experienced physical, emotional or sexual trauma during your childhood, have spent your time, energy and money on counselling and a multitude of other valuable therapies yet still find yourself stuck, unable to shake that last part of the past off and move on there is a very good reason.

Time and Talking Alone Do Not Heal Childhood Trauma

Often after counselling I felt better and it lasted maybe months at a time, but never any longer. For years I couldn’t work out why this was. The conclusion I always returned to was that there must be something wrong with me, I was irreversibly broken and would never really get over the trauma of my past. Surely, I was doing everything I was meant to be doing. Working on forgiving, becoming more compassionate, taking responsibility and trying to ‘put it all behind me’ etc. You’ll understand I’m sure, because it’s what we hear all the time.

The problem with this is that it leaves out one very important piece of information and this is what I’d like to share with you today.

When a child is traumatised, for example, sexually, it is so overwhelming that their system is unable to recover. Of course with adequate adult support at the time the lasting damage is minimised and the child could go on to recover fully, much faster.

For the majority this is not the case and the stress caused by the occurrence of the sexual trauma remains within the body in the nervous system and becomes toxic to the internal body.

Think of it similar to a recording that remains within the body. When the child reaches adulthood frequently the present pushes the play button on those recordings of anxiety, fear, loss, grief, anger and the adult will react through the memory of the past trauma. At the time of the abuse the child, unable to release the traumatic emotions shuts down, effectively going in to a ‘freeze’ mode, in a constant state of ‘survival’.

Detaching mentally from the physical body is the only option a child has and this coping mechanism of disconnecting stays with them until adulthood when, even in a safe, loving relationships, the adult is unable to fully connect on every level either with their partner or children. The physical and emotional health risks are numerous including the susceptibility to life threatening disease, both mental and physical.

So, having invested time, energy and money in your recovery, until the stored toxic stress, shock and trauma are targeted in the nervous system, until the emotions, in particular, the anger you repressed at the violation of your emotional, physical and sexual boundaries is released, there is no space for movement and this is why you have remained stuck.
So I hope you see, it certainly is not your fault and now you know it’s time for you to recover; completely and permanently.

You are not irreversibly broken. There is nothing wrong with. You can recover completely and permanently.

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…If you are experiencing any of the following:

Feeling emotionally unsupported and under valued
Loss of connection and intimacy with your partner
Situations which feel as though they keep repeating, the ‘how did I get here again’ moments 
Feeling exhausted, burnt out, disillusioned and fed up
Tired of trying and not getting where you desire to be.
Wondering what your purpose is
Approaching changes and endings in your life which you are finding hard to accept.
…Then you have arrived at the right place

What you are experiencing is Emotional Disconnection and this can manifest within the lives of anyone at any time.

At the heart of every emotional disconnection’ lies the feeling of ‘loss’. Emotional disconnection will manifest physically. Common symptoms range from feeling ‘stuck’ and simply ‘going through the motions’ of living, to depression, weight issues, anger & frustration as well as the seeming inability to connect with those we love the most.

The good news…Emotional Disconnection is 100% fixable and I can help.

As the majority of our disconnections have their origins in childhood, born from the opinions and beliefs of family, this is where we begin.

In changing the beliefs we have held about ourselves and the world around us since childhood we can actively invite in the life we truly want and deserve to be living.

For your Free Consultation go to:

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