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Anna Lu
Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Lead Generation
Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Lead Generation

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How to Generate Quality Technology Leads from Singapore

Before you decide whether or not to develop your own sales team or hire a third company to do lead generation campaigns to test different lead generation strategies and measure the results for you. Here are some of the best ways for a technology company in Singapore to generate quality sales leads.

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How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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How To Maintain A High-Quality Big Data Company

"To guarantee overall quality, we need to focus on data -- the quality within each of these individual categories. Each key performance indicator (KPI) should be defined to measure the quality, enhancement over time and ways in which to improve a specific set of data."

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Social Recruiting: How I Used Social Media To Build A Business From Scratch

"As social media becomes more integrated into our culture, hiring practices will begin to change and employers will begin to get more creative in their approach to recruitment. The Life Currency has seen the benefits of taking the first steps into the future of how we conduct business as the ‘millennial generation."

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Don’t Bore Your Prospects to Death with your B2B Social Media Posts

That, though, doesn’t mean marketers should bore the hell out of their page visitors. With the right balance between professionalism and creativity, social media posts can also be pleasant to the senses. How?

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We are well aware that digital marketing is one of the trends in marketing, regardless if you have social media accounts if you don't maintain a good presence, it's rather useless.

Here are the top 5 digital marketing tools to help you be more effective and efficient on social media. 

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6 Things Traditional Marketers Should Know About Digital Marketing

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Facebook's solar-powered internet drone takes its first flight

"Facebook's drone fleet will use "free space laser communications" to communicate between individual aircraft, and radio technology to beam the internet signal from the fleet to receivers located on the ground.

The laser technology delivers data 10 times faster than current state-of-the-art competitors and can target an area the size of a dime (about 18mm) from over 10 miles away."

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Are Financial Services in Singapore Finally Embracing Outsourced Lead Generation?

According to, Singapore is one of the leading global financial centers together with New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Zurich. It is also the 6th largest wealth management and offshore banking center in the world. Because of the stability of the financial industry, is it ready to embrace and consider outsourcing?

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Answering Quora: Who are the best B2B (IT services) Lead Generation agencies in Asia?

One Quora member would like to consider outsourcing their lead generation campaign and is asking,

“Who are the best B2B (IT Services) lead generation agencies in Asia?” on

Below is our answer, however, note that the result was generated via Google search. 
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