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One foot in front of the other...
This has been going through my head today. It's a simple idea, but so easy to forget... when life gets overwhelming and all you want to do is freak out, shut down or maybe forget how to function ... but you can't. Just gotta keep moving. 
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That's the only way to succeed! One step at a time, otherwise you'll probably go mad lol.
Yay for Chucks. I'm wearing my blue ones today. I'm glad I don't have a job where they care about that kind of thing.
Wise or experienced in stupidity? ;-)
Nope Anna, very wise :) Stupidity is my specialty ;)
Haha +Laurent Coppée I feel like lots of bad decisions eventually lead to wisdom. Sometime I feel like I could teach a seminar on advanced bad decisions. ;-)
Hehe if you ever do one let me know, I'm sure I can help you prepare your lecture material with a case study or two :o)
As Confucius used to say Wise man never play leapfrog with unicorn ... should follow his advice more :D
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