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This one is for +Farran Lee. I hear he can get married in America now. Rainbow crotch dances all around! Hip Hop Hooray!

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+Farran Lee... being your babymummy, how come I never knew about this hairstyle on you??? O.o
It is magical! This just makes me giggle.
Oh I love this one LoL! Good times Bwahahaa
#rainbowcrotch really needs to hit what's hot! haha
I have to mention +Laurent Coppée so this is the first thing he sees when he wakes up lol! He's gonna keeeeeeeell me LOL!
I <3 #rainbowcrotch man so much ;-)
I think my son should see this, what do you ladies think? We're chatting...
I think the world should see it!
LOL He's chicken, he won't comment. He said, "That's just wrong."
+Laurent Coppée I still sleeping! Let's give him a couple of hours lol! I wish I could say hi face and hear him scream in his awesome Frenglish! Lol

Aaahhhhh, SKEET SKEET SKEET!! Taste this rainbow bioootch..
Oh hell yes! #rainbowcrotch for the win! I approve of this post.
Hahahaha... did +Armand Salmon miss the unicorn??
I know we're missing some from the original #rainbowcrotch share, but I can't recall who.
Rainbow crotch (like a boss)
Bwa haha I couldn't see the animation on my phone. Man this is so much better on my computer.
Bwahahahaha, this is brilliant!
+Gilmar Smith , this is indeed the first thing I saw when waking up, and oh my what a way to wake up ROFL You made my day girl :-D
and no I'm no gonna keeeeeel ya, thanks for the tip LOL
btw his hair reminds me of someone ... LOL
I just keep hoping that nobody recognizes that it's me.
LMFAO! Hahaha! I love you ladies! This is freaking AWESOME :) I'm so saving this for my 'need a laugh today' file. Thank you~
I'm just trying that move in front of the mirror right now ... nothing happens :-( LOL
... I think it's because I don't have the moustache nor the hairdo LOL
+Lisa Rose You're the one who originally share this, right? Hey! We've been having fun with this since January!! LOL
+William Beem Hahahahahaha...!!!
+Pam Chalkley , bwahahaha you're so not gonna get the video, I'm sure your health insurance doesn't cover heart attacks LOL
I just had a completely check-up. No worries about having a heart attack. I'm in great health. :)
Darn, every time you comment on this and the photo shows up I laugh again, this is sooooo good LOL
btw the guy is pretty fit, he's been doing that non stop for several hours now ...
The thing is that I first saw it on my ipad ... where the image was static, made me laugh but then I saw the move on my laptop ... takes things to a completely new level LOL
bahahaha. yup, it's not the same without the dancing.
Nope, wasn't me +Pam Chalkley ... though I WISH it was me. Haha! I posted the Unicorn babe this afternoon that +J. Rae Chipera shared a bit ago. I needed a good laugh after an earlier post and Unibabe always makes me chuckle. My new favorite is Rainbow Crotch Man :)
That's right, you did the unicorn. Sorry. They're both great!!
Yeah, this guy just keeps on giving!
LMFAO! +Mark Rodriguez , your photo is the one that shows up on my screen next to all the +1's... and the expression is PERFECT! dude, wtf?!
+Laurent Coppée hey you know I can see you found the dance on front of the mirror right? Lol!!! We're so discussing this in a Frenglish hangout soon son keep practicing and I'll keep laughing.... Too many images in my head LOL
+Gilmar Smith , bwahahaha Gil, are you sort of requesting a live performance LOL
dear me, I can try to do that but not sure I could remain serious, if possible at all, for more than a nanosecond LOL
Who said you had to be serious? Lol! :)
Gilmar, you are still up? :) and +Laurent Coppée - wear a nice mask, kinda like you are going to a party in Venice, at a masquerade ball, but instead you are going to do the rainbow power dance for Gilmar and shake your shaggy mane :) That way you can be a professional, and finish your routine - without showing the laughing you are doing :)
Bwahahaha I went downstairs to get a glass of water and I couldn't help to read my notifications lol
Hahaha you are right Gil :-DDDD
Cameron, you are right, maybe that is the door open to a career change, say goodbye to the cars, and hello rainbow LOL
I dunno, the cars sound kinda awesome, but you could do this on the weekends. Like a Chippendale, only with rainbow dancin' :)
Oh yes, I can replace the grid girls doing this ... then the race would be cancelled LOL
Bwahahaha you could totally do that to distract the rest of the drivers lol but please don't let Joey see it!
Hahaha sure I'd do that on the front row, if Joey is not there, but then I think he'd stop wanting to work with me LOL
I don't think so! I think he would like you even more for your commitment to the team! Do whatever you can to win!
Bwahahaha , not sure this will bring a win, it would just see me getting sacked LOL
Bwahahaha of course Gil, you know I'm always in for a quickie hangout with you lol
Geeez every time I open the notification box and see that I need to laugh LOL
Hey! I want in on the quickie rainbow crotch hangout too!
Hahaha looks like this quickie hangout might turn into a marathon lol
Oooh! marathon #rainbowcrotch !
God... you can't help but smile/laugh when you stop to look at this. I want to make it my desktop background. hehe but maybe of +Laurent Coppée doing it instead. ;-)
Eh?... I'm not going to join in on a quickie hangout from my classroom. Especially not if gyrations are expected :)
Oh there you go! Now I'll have that song stuck in my head!
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh !!!! rick rolling #rainbowcrotch it just keeps getting better and better. ;-)
Bwahahaha, Gil you know you can always count on me for memorable tunes lol
Oh lookie, lookie. What a thing to wake-up to... :-P
( why is this so dang funny? )
I find this both hysterical and oddly arousing....
My first notification of the day! Now we have candles and homewreckers!! And +Jennifer Eden aroused! LMAO
+Pam Chalkley - Uh.. what am I joining in on??? Although I don't think it matters.. I'll join in anyways. ;)
+Anna Lowry - Uh.. er.. they're in the laundry.... What the heck did I get into here?? :)
+Pam Chalkley - Oh.. okay.. I guess I should have read before responding... let's PAR-T! ;)
Sometimes crotches just need rainbows. It's a little known fact.
Just came across this on my page... and yup... still makes me giggle. You're welcome. ;-)
Lol!!!! I'm in a parrrrrty!!! I have friends over hon!
I wish I had somebody was doing this dance right now!!!
Are you still at work? I might start a hangout soon lol!
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