Super-rare public post time. The attached link is for a disgusting campaign on Indiegogo full of rape jokes that trivialize rape and perpetuate the idea that rape victims secretly want to be raped. This content is against Indiegogo's TOS. I have reported this campaign, and I hope you will too.

What I wrote follows here. Please feel free to use some or all of what I have written in formulating your message. The link for contacting Indiegogo is here:


I wanted to report this campaign for violating the  Indiegogo TOS:

According to the TOS, the following types of campaigns are prohibited:
Bullying, harassing, obscene or pornographic items, sexually oriented or explicit materials or services

This item promotes rape and sexual harassment through the trivialization of rape. They have a disclaimer at the bottom saying that they don't support rape, but this is belied by the following:

* their artwork depicts a woman about to be raped by a tentacle in a rather playful light
* the campaign creators FREELY ACKNOWLEDGE that the name of their product is a play on "tentacle rape"
* the campaign includes unused label designs that show women in mild to extreme distress about their impending tentacle rape
* this alternate art is being sold as a premium reward level, allowing the creators to profit off of a graphic depiction of a woman clearly in distress
* their reward levels include not-at-all-veiled rape jokes, such as the $25 Get Graped level or the $6000 A Ton of Grape level.
* the promo descriptions of their reward levels imply that women enjoy and actually look for rape, such as: "$25 - Get Graped - We all know why you're here and what you really want..."

These are the sort of rape jokes that normalize rape culture and promote the harassment of women. Simply saying "we don't support rape" DOES NOT obviate the fact that this campaign is seeking to profit on rape jokes at the expense of survivors of sexual assault, harassment, and rape - which continue to be a HUGE problem in the geek community these campaign contributors claim to represent.

There are only 10 days left. Please act quickly to remove this campaign and send the message that Indiegogo will not support creators that promote rape and sexual violence, even as a joke.
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