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Anna Boroshok
Digital marketing jedi and growth hacking specialist
Digital marketing jedi and growth hacking specialist

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Check out 3 useful tools that will dramatically increase your CTR on headlines ;)

Russian keyboard is not loading 😣 big reporting link shows 404 error

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How do you know that your website usability is good or bad? Use this exercise to improve your user experience and make your website visitors stay longer on your website & eventually convert 😎

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What should you do to become an extrovert?
Of course not every introvert dreams about becoming an extrovert, but many do. Why? Because extrorevtism helps you networking & networking opens many doors.

But is it possible to turn from introvert to extrovert? Yes it is, and I am a good example of it: something like 4 years ago I was 90% introvert, and now I am around 62% extrovert. Read what lead me to such a change:

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😱 😱 😱 Ааааа, когда это все читать?! Нужно срочно учиться скорочтению. Кто-нить уже практикует? Посоветуйте как и где, плиз плиз плиз.
По мнению TED, Крис Бейли «самый продуктивный человек». Забудьте про тайм-менеджмент – управляйте энергией и вниманием. Повышайте производительность в направлении глубинных ценностей. Работайте рациональнее над критически важными делами – не более трёх за период. Сложные задачи раздражают, но не повод прокрастинировать. Восстановите контроль над мозгом и придайте новый облик старым делам. Замеряйте биологические пики, познакомьтесь с собой из будущего и начинайте общение. Постигните дзен отключения от Интернет и отводите на важные дела меньше времени.

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This was supposed to be a post but turned out into the article :) Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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👉 Admit that you probably practiced affirmations at least once in your life but that hardly resulted in anything. In the article I write why this happens and how to fix it with 3 steps. Of course, change will not happen over night, but if you take first steps & stick to routine you choose, results will for sure come!

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Today (Dec.19th) Playground music app released new D-Styles map which is super fun. Get ready for Felonious Funk! Download the app, it's free => #musicapp #phantazmagorea #scratch #dstyles
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