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Anna Bennett

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Pinterest Expert Reveals: Pinterest Tips and Tricks for Business

Get the most up-to-date & cutting edge Pinterest tips & tricks for your business every month.

Avoid the frustration of trying to catch up after the fact. Leverage this powerful one of a kind service, including our "special alert" service to stay ahead of your competition and drive more traffic to your website.

Get your free sample at
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i like Anna may by help my, sono italiano e ci stò provando( a fare con marketing ) e restiamo in contatto no ?
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Anna Bennett

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How To Master Pinterest Marketing for Your Business: It Starts Here

If you really want to master Pinterest marketing my team and I are making it super EASY for you to learn.

Instead of blabbing about it I'm giving away a free sample so you know exactly what I'm talking about.

We’d love to play a big part in growing your Pinterest marketing success this year. Learn a cutting-edge service to help you attract a much higher volume of quality, relevant leads, drive massive traffic to your website, and much more!

#PinterestForBusiness #PinterestMarketing #PinterestExpert
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Anna Bennett

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Pinterest Marketing Expert Reveals : How to Jumpstart Your Pinterest Marketing In 2016

There are over 1 million businesses on Pinterest. From what I have seen in the past year, so many still don’t understand how they can use this tool to drive more traffic and sales to their website.

As I have said many times Pinterest is not a social media website and therefore, you can’t treat it like other socials such as Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

My mission is to help businesses grow their sales. I believe that the measure of your greatness is more than your wealth; it is your ability to lift those around you. This why my motto has been “Pin with a caring heart”.

For the past three years, I’ve been giving free advice on Pinterest marketing for business through my blog posts, webinars, guest interviews and other platforms. The biggest highlight of 2015 for me was being chosen by Pinterest to be part of their exclusive 15 person Pinterest expert program. During that time, I realized that businesses big and small were always looking for new ways of learning how to use Pinterest and make it easy.

To jumpstart your Pinterest efforts in 2016 I'm giving away


While supplies last, Anna is going to give 3 terrific bonuses away for free to early subscribers! Check it out here

#PinterestForBusiness #PinterestMarketingTips 
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Anna Bennett

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Pinterest Marketing Expert Reveals Pinterest For Business: Pinterest Newsletter

HELLO! Entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketers,
Pinners & Etsy, EBay & Amazon Sellers

Something on which my team & I have been working soooo hard for well over a year is about to become available to you. Way back in early 2014, we began using surveys and interviews to virally source entrepreneurial wishes for the “perfect Pinterest product” from people just like you.
And boy did the wishes pour in!

In broad strokes, there seemed to be a great desire for insider education that could be put into action in your own online marketing efforts…a longing to get to (or stay) at the cutting-edge in a way that works even for those that can only give their social media marketing efforts a small amount of time each week…a way to evolve online marketing like a social media guru without having to invest huge money & time to become a social media guru.

A key want is to do it step-by-step….

so that even a Pinterest beginner could achieve impressive results…rather than provide 500 or 5,000 things you need to do BEFORE you could actually grow your business and make some tangible profits. In other words, one of the biggest themes is to help develop a business in doable, "bite-size" steps on a time-is-money, month to month basis, perhaps summed up this way...


Doesn't that sound desirable, even ideal - to you?

One of the major keys to profiting from social media marketing on Pinterest is to be regularly evolving to take advantage of new changes or innovations to such services or the breakthrough finer insights that my team & I uncover every month. If there's one paramount rule of good social media marketing, it's this: DON'T LET YOUR EFFORTS STAGNATE." Falling behind the competition is expensive because you let THEM take your new leads, revenues & profits. Don't do that!

Being a nimble, agile online marketer is tough for any one person to do well on their own, and that's where we come in. My team & I have built a brand new kind of service especially for people just like you. And rather than write 5,000 more words to tell you about it, I'd rather just show you it to you through...


3 Primary Parts of This Brand New Service

1) Pinterest Educational Webinar
2) Pinterest Special Alert - Breaking News
3) Pinterest Monthly Newsletter

you can hop over to a brand new page on my website to watch a sample of #1- the Educational Webinar- right now! It's almost 14 minutes of savvy, marketer-brain-building goodies to illustrate the quality of this part of the new service.

In a couple of days, we'll post the other two parts of the new service on that same page so you can take a deep look at the whole, complimentary samples of them too. We're giving away these valuable examples in hopes that you'll develop a solid feel for how much we can help you through new, timely webinars & newsletters EVERY month.

Go to this link to download watch the
We hope you enjoy this sneak peek well before the general public.

I hope you'll like what you see…and learn. Again, check back to that same web page in a few days so you can download sample of the other parts. As you see the "whole" of the service come together, you'll recognize just how much we'll be able to do for you!

Thanks for checking it out!

#PinterestMarketing #PinterestTips #PinterestForBusiness
One of the best ways to get a great, insider sense of any online, educational service is to take a good look at actual samples of it. Below find examples of all 3 major parts of Anna Bennett’s Pinterest Newsletter service in full. Click the thumbnail images to download or view each first hand, so … Read more...
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Anna Bennett

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There Is No Greatness Without Helping Others

To those who have shared and commented on my Google+ posts...thank you! I hope you have found my Pinterest for Business tips helpful. Here are several more free resources to help you supercharge Pinterest in the new year.

My hope to you is to find your way to greatness in 2016!

In the spirit of helpfulness and gratitude,

+Anna Bennett
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Thanks for the invaluable words. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!
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Anna Bennett

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40 Bloggers Talk About Their Biggest Challenge

40 bloggers answers the following question:

1) What was your biggest challenge (or obstacle) in your blogging activity
2) What’s your best advice to beginners that face the same problem?

How about you? What's your best blogging tips?

#BloggingTips   #Blogger  
It was a cold night. Josh was sitting alone in his room listening to the rain. He recently started his own blog. His parents didn't understand the usefulness of this hobby, but his friends encouraged him. At the begining he didn't have a clear purpose on why he was doing it.
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Anna Bennett

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Discover Products On Pinterest Using Images Rather Than Text

If you're not sure what keywords to use to search for something on Pinterest, your prayers have been answered!

Pinterest is making your online shopping experience a lot easier with their brand new visual search tool technology. It's so cool - you need to check it out here

#PinterestTips #Ecommerce 
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It's great
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Anna Bennett

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Pinterest Expert Reveals SEO & Pinterest: What You Need To Know To Win More Followers, Traffic and Sales!

SEO definition: Search engine optimization (ooohhh sounds scary and geeky, not really, there are some powerful, proven basics non geek beginners can use successful) don’t be intimidated by SEO. Learn and embrace.

First off let me say that SEO and keywords are as serious as a heart attack.

On Pinterest, using keywords is critical to your success. If you do everything else right but get this wrong you will struggle and miss easy sales until you do get it right.

Click here to read the full article

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Anna Bennett

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Pinterest For Business: The Secret To Pinterest Marketing Success Starts Here

The biggest highlight of 2015 for me was being chosen by Pinterest to be part of their exclusive 15 person Pinterest expert program.

During that time, I realized that businesses big and small were always looking for new ways of learning how to use Pinterest and make it easy.

I'm giving away 3 FREE PINTEREST BONUSES $282 Worth! Click here to learn more

#PinterestMarketingTips #PinterestExpert
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Anna Bennett

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Pinterest Marketing Expert Anna Bennett’s Pinterest Newsletter Service

Do you want to have a killer 2016 Pinterest marketing strategy?

Pinterest expert Anna Bennett will show you how to supercharge your Pinterest results without overloading you too much at any one time.

Click here to learn why you need to join Anna's newsletter to save you time and money.

#PinterestForBusiness #PinterestMarketingTips

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Hello +Sinea Pies Following what other Pinners do is not a good strategy - that won't make you stand out on Pinterest. I recommend you grab Chapter 1 for free from my Pinterest marketing for Businesss course here
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Anna Bennett

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Summary of Pinterest Stats, Facts, and Figures In 2015


Not convinced to add Pinterest to your marketing mix? These mind blowing Pinterest statistics, case studies and infographics will set you straight.

#PinterestForBusiness #PinterestStats #PinterestMarketing 
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Anna Bennett

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Pinterest for Service Business | B2B: What It Takes To Have Massive Success on Pinterest

The purpose of using Pinterest as a service business is to make more money. You do that by ranking higher and getting found more often on Pinterest’s and Google’s search engines. More eyeballs on your boards and web pages or in your stores mean more potential for sales. It’s as simple as that

If you want to have a massive success on Pinterest as a service business, you're going to need a blog.

Click here to learn why and get Chapter 1 for FREE

#PinterestforBusiness #PinterestMarketing #B2B

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Pinterest Expert | Entrepreneur | Certified Social Media Strategist
  • Pinterest Consultant @ White Glove Social Media Marketing * Pinterest Expert
    Pinterest Expert / Certified Social Media Strategiest, present
    OUTSOURCING IS WORKING SMARTER NOT HARDER BECAUSE: 1. Avoid wasting time trying figuring out what works on Pinterest. 2. No trial and error = avoid wasting money. 3. Eliminate the headache of a new person keeping up with all the latest tactics. 4. You don’t have to hire an employee or train existing staff members. 5. Reduces your reliance on one supplier – PR team: should they ever leave all your Pinterest “know how”goes too. 6. Get a better results faster with an expert.
Basic Information
As a Pinterest marketing expert I help businesses supercharge traffic and sales growth with Pinterest marketing. I rank on the first page of Google in organic search as a Pinterest expert and Pinterest consultant. I can help you do the same!

Power influencer and Pinterest marketing expert Anna Bennett is the owner of White Glove Social Media and co-founder of True North Marketing. Anna is one of the few Pinterest marketing experts worldwide endorsed by Pinterest themselves.

Her 30+ years of experience in retail operations and business coaching is the rock solid foundation for her dynamic marketing and training services. Anna is the author of Pinterest Marketing For Business Master Online Course and How To Become A Pinterest Account Manager and has been featured in Forbes Magazine. She has quickly taken the lead in the competitive and rapidly changing world of social media marketing and in 2014, Sean Gardner, bestselling author and Forbes #1 Social Media Power Influencer, praised Anna as a well respected Pinterest expert and predicted that “as Pinterest grows and becomes a monster platform” audiences should “look to see her name even more.”

In 2012, Anna decided to combine her years of success as a business owner and coach with one of the fastest growing social media platforms: Pinterest. The result? White Glove Social Media Marketing. Under Anna’s scrupulous direction, business owners, marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs have learned to harness Pinterest’s phenomenal marketing potential. As a certified social media strategist and Pinterest Expert, Anna uses her superpowers--speed, attention to detail, delivering customer ROI, and a knack for finding humor in everything--to ensure every client receives white glove treatment.

Before bursting onto the social media scene, Anna dazzled as an international beauty pageant winner, instructed for John Casablancas International Modeling & Talent Agency, won the national retail president’s club sales award (twice!), owned and operated a best-in-class luxury day spa, offered consulting and coaching to day spa owners, and even developed her own line of cosmetics. In 2012, she obtained her certified social media marketing strategist designation through InstantETraining, based in Chicago.

It is her background as a personal development seminar leader for Brian Tracy’s network, however, that Anna credits as the secret sauce behind her energy and drive. That experience led to the development of her “white glove” business philosophy, which strives for precision, thoroughness, and attention to even the smallest detail.

In real life, Anna is a loving wife, lifelong learner, interior decorating aficionado, obsessive crafter, tennis nut, unwilling angler (she will never go deep sea fishing again!), and enthusiastic NFL fan (go Broncos!). Her goal is to help you create, improve or integrate the power of Pinterest to grow your business bigger and faster, and to have some fun along the way.


1) Pinterest Marketing For Business Online Course 

Chapter 1 is free!

2) How to Become A Pinterest Account Manager


1) One-on-one coaching

2) A thorough review & assessment of your Pinterest business page to determine the effectiveness of your Pinterest strategies

3) Pinterest business account set-up & Pinterest account management

4) Pinterest newsletter: yearly subscription


Forbes Magazine 

Investor's Business Daily 

Ecommerce Influence 

The Road To Social Media Success Book

Cision Top 50 Rich Media Social Influencers To Follow on Twitter

The Right Stripes: for women launching startups

Portada: The leading source on Latin marketing & media

JCK Magazine

iBlog Magazine

Healthy Wealthy Affiliate

Top 99 Social Media Marketing Blog List 2014

Casual Fridays

Media Shower

WP Radius

Income Mesh

In The Know Entrepreneurial Marketing

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Vancouver, BC, CANADA
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Advanced guide to increase followers for fashion blog

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Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts: One place for all your conversations. Available for Android, iOS and computers. Get the app here:


We offer Pinterest Management Tool including effectively market your visual content on Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest

Social Media Marketing / Outsource your Pinterest to White Glove

Social Media Marketing/Vancouver Pinterest Consultant. Social media marketing is a science. Invite us to use social media marketing tactics

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