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What am I up to? Oh, just sifting through every. single. thing. I own.

What are you doing?
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'Bout to watch Ice Age 4, with like (*counts*) 6 other people. Gotta love the theater on a Tues night!
BonnieJean let me know if it's good!

Miriam, what are you painting?
making a bloody mess of my bathroom.... UGH -- 
Miriam, you are NOT supposed to paint with blood!

Whose blood?
mine! I am SO sad- I seont 2 weeks creating new walls and just finished all the plastering and saning and priming. I bought paint today and I HATE it and I am also making a mess. 
:( Can you just return the paint for a different color?
no- no returns on paint, sadly :-( I'm going to have a drink and come back to it tomorrow lol 
+Anna Bavido, Ice Age 4 was great! And I heard from Aliya after I was already there, that they're interested in seeing it when they visit, but I won't mind seeing it again. =) Also, I kept thinking of +Precious Lawson because Sid's (senile) grandma kept calling for her (deceased) dog Precious. I kept half expecting her to add "Lawson" each time she called for it! =P
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