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How user's password logic and patterns (what we use to remember them, or because we are lazy) makes them such more easy to crack. Worth watching not just for development and testers, but also designers. As after all, we're the ones guiding folks through the sign up flows. #ux #security

( +Waldo Janssens might enjoy both the content & presenter's style? ;))
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Ann Wuyts

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Some great use of the #NAO robot to teach kids everything from programming to working out!
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Ann Wuyts

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An impressing shortlist again this year! All winners as it comes to making data understandable & thus usefull. Some great examples of storytelling with data as well. :)
It was no easy task, to hand-pick the best among so many great entries, but the shortlist for the 2015 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards is finally live.
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Ann Wuyts

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Odd move from Reuters. It won't fix the 'cheating' issue, and it won't be much faster than RAW.
Reuters has banned its freelance photographers from submitting images that were shot and processed in their camera's RAW format, PetaPixel has confirmed. RAW is often used by pro and enthusiast...
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Jpeg images are highly processed from "raw" sensor data by the camera in any case. But cropping is clearly a no-no by a news photographer. That's the editors job. 
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Ann Wuyts

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Where does our concept of 'being online/offline' come from? The etymology of the online/offline dichotomy goes back to being an indicator of whether or not a city, factory, or mine was accessible by a particular train line. What does that mean for our digital world? Sunday is such a great day to read up on First Mondays! ;) #cyberculture
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I like how "let's take this offline" is still shorthand in a meeting or telecon for "let's discuss this afterwards" despite the fact that (a) you may not have been online during the meeting and (b) you are almost certainly going to be online when you discuss it. It's really from the days when "line" = "phone line".
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Ann Wuyts

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Too good not to share. Patent war about applying haptic feedback in the .xxx domain. :p
Teledildonics startups are being sued by a patent troll, one of those profiteers who buy patents to extort money from technology companies. Now the open-source sex tech company +Comingle is crowdsourcing a list of prior art -- publicly available information that challenges the patent's claim to originality -- and the effort is laying before us many forgotten first steps in the realm of sexual innovation. In this video, Kirk Woolford and Stahl Stenslie chronicle remote sexual stimulation as made possible by 1993 technology: 
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Ann Wuyts

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"We do not believe the Hype." I can think of no better way to kick off the Internet of Things Design Manifesto. Focus on privacy, transparency, security and being useful. Anything you feel they left out of the #iotmanifesto  v1.0 that ought to be in there? 

#iot   #privacy   #design  
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Ann Wuyts

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Having worked with some of the original Burton photographs, I must say the colourisations of his shots are utterly amazing. Almost like being there when KV 62 was discovered. (Gallery at the end of the post, +Tom Voute​) So hoping for Nefertiti, but then how could it have gone unnoticed for such a long time...
A British Egyptologist has found new evidence suggesting the death mask of ancient Egyptian king Tutankhamun was not made for him – in fact, it was made for his stepmother, Queen Nefertiti. Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves told Egyptian news service Ahram Online the famous gold death mask of Tutankhamun was in fact never intended for him.
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It doesn't look like the famous bust 👤 of her though. Otherwise cool story 
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Ann Wuyts

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I just ordered 68x68cm lambda print goat for my #ikeahack kitchen vitrine project.

Cabinet: Ikea
Paint: Chalkboard Matt (done, 3 layers)
Goat: Ordered (ordered)

Remaining: pick up goat, assembly, attach to wall

Below a quick mockup to test the crop on the goat. I'm so looking forward to the end result.

<-- origial IKEA Goat version ->
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+Hans Vandeveire​ That's the benefit of finding a Greek goat & only taking its picture home. (Although the owner of the remote little tavern that came with the pot of herbs might have appreciated us taking the goat too :P)
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Ann Wuyts

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Stellar post from the +Carnegie Mellon University on Learning Analytic Ethics. At the one hand, educational institutions are obliged to increase the effectiveness of learning - so they can not NOT mine data. One the other hand, students must be able to opt out (or not opt in), and institutions should better protect student's privacy.
Data mining is a powerful tool being used by educational institutions to support student success, but often students do not know what data are being
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Ann Wuyts

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Beautiful tale of how an old men deals with annoying (and un-understanding) smart things imposed upon him. As +Tine Peeters & +pieter lesage pointed out: they don't fix the root causes, but are just annoying reminders that these exists. #notificationhell
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Ann Wuyts

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How to spot the 'lies' in badly made maps. (Or, well.. depending on how you read it it could also be how to make sure your visualization gets your point across .) Regardless, an interesting read on common-made map and data visualization mistakes. #dataliteracy #visualisation  
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Hahaha, 13 weken mail inhalen? 
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Not only do they own the obligatory cat that's sleeping lightbox, they steadfast provide a quality and fast service, and helped me out on more than one occasion when I needed something done asap. Unless they are on holiday, I wouldn't go anywhere else for film, development, or prints.
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