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New Everyone Is Psychic podcast episode is live! Am I Making Things Up? How to Build Trust in Your Intuition

The most common obstacle to trusting intuition is the feeling that you’re making things up. How do you overcome the fear of being wrong– or the confusion about whether what you’re sensing is fear, desire or true guidance?

In this episode, Ann O’Brien, Elysia Skye and special guest Krista Rauschenberg share:

* The importance of practice in building confidence.
* How to test your intuition on “small” things before relying
on it for life-altering decisions.
* Why your intuitive guidance might sound like your own
inner voice, and the importance of listening to it.
* What are the akashic records?
* Why openness (your own or your client’s) allows you to
pick up more information.
* The importance of letting go of pressure to perform or
* Blurt it out! If the information you’re getting seems
strange, know that it’s harder to make it up than it is to
tune in accurately.
* How to express intuitive messages in the most
compassionate, helpful manner.
* The healing power of telling the truth.

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Join us 2 weeks from today and receive a FREE reading and healing meditation! There is no need to struggle alone with your problems; things can be much simpler with a little perspective.

Please share with your friends who could use this. FREE 1st time, suggested donation for repeat participants.

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I'm excited to announce my new podcast, Everyone Is Psychic! After a few months' pause, I decided to make this podcast shorter (for today's busy people!) and more collaborative than the last one, and it feels really good.

Many people think that psychic abilities are a special gift only a few of us have. The truth is, we can all learn to develop our gifts with a little training and practice.

In this episode, you’ll hear me, Elysia Skye and special guest Ayamanatara share:

* An easy visualization technique to read someone’s energy or get clear on a decision instantly.

* How to use color and other symbolism in your readings.
Whether it’s best for a psychic to read “cold” (with no information) or with “cues” from the client.

* The different types of psychic abilities– seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling things.

* How we “get in our own way” when developing our intuition.

* Why it’s important to let go of personal ownership of information you’re reading.

* The importance of boundaries when working with spirit.

* Developing trust and reclaiming our child-like openness and natural insight.

Listen here and if you enjoy, please subscribe, rate and share it!

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How knocking on doors asking for money taught me the importance of my energy and how I broadcast it. Since this experience, I learned meditation techniques to help me manage my energy and these have been key to manifesting in my life!

I'd love to share them with you. Watch the video for a taste and to get more, join the Psychic Self Care class starting March 22! Learn more and signup @

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Learn grounding, emotional clearing, energetic protection and other essentials for sensitive souls in this 6-week webinar/ teleclass starting 3/22! Special bonus of a free 30-minute reading with me for the first 3 people to sign up, who are new to my classes.

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I've always wanted to change the world, and it seems I'm not the only one these days. People who've been passive are waking up, and that's a good thing. But...

I've learned there are some really effective ways to change our environment... and some methods that totally bomb out and make things worse. It's an art to empower ourselves and others in the process instead of making others wrong, overextending or shrinking.

Whether it's the government, your partner or that annoying stranger at the grocery store, tune in here for ways to change them that actually support them as well as you.

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Confused in love or work? Click to sign up here for our next "Psychic Lounge" and get a FREE reading and healing meditation! Wednesday 3/1 @ 5:30 pm PACIFIC.

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What's up in your life these days? How can I be of support? I'd love your feedback on what classes and programs to offer next. Take a brief survey and enter a contest to win a FREE 30-minute reading with me. You must complete the survey by Sunday, 2/12 to be eligible for this contest.

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I haven't posted a video in almost 6 months! Here is a little story shot live in Northern New Mexico- for you sensitive types who could use a little help handling all the energy you feel...
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