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Ann McIndoo
Let me help you become a published and profitable Author!
Let me help you become a published and profitable Author!


Hello Author and Future #1 Bestseller!

This is Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach and CEO / Founder of So, You Want To Write. I would like to invite you to take your book to #1 Bestseller status on Amazon.
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Hello! Thank you for visiting. Do you want to write a book? Are you ready to write but don’t know how to get started? If you answered YES!, sharpen your pencil and get ready to learn how to organize your material, produce content for your book, stay motivated, deal with procrastination and “writer’s block” and much more!

Welcome! I love to write and write about writing, although I have to admit, my very favorite thing to do is work with new authors and help them write their book. It is an absolute joy to be able to do this every day via writing, coaching, my Author’s Boot Camp events and private writing sessions. My dad always said, if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” He is so right! I am lucky and very grateful to be an Author’s Coach.

Oops! I fell down and wrote a book! An interesting (and a little painful) thing happened to get me started on this amazing journey of writing books. As I was zipping down a flight of stairs, I missed one, fell and broke 3 bones in my ankle. Ouch! This resulted in surgery and several months in a wheel chair. Unable to go anywhere further than 10 feet from my front door, I had lots of time to think about things. These 3 months in a wheelchair turned out to be a major turning point in my life, I learned a lot about myself and discovered a treasure buried deep inside me, writing. To keep myself entertained and stop focusing on all the things I couldn’t do, I started making a list of all the things I could do and would do when I was able to return my rented chair on wheels. I made it a contest to come up with 3 new things that I could do each day. I also had an on-going challenge with myself to create 3 easy, economical, delicious and healthy meals a day – all prepared and cooked from my wheelchair! This resulted in 2 books: “101 Things to do in a Wheelchair”, and “One-Pan Cooking: Eat Healthy for 30 Days for Less Than $10 a Day”.

I Meet Tony Robbins I also thought about how I could make money from my wheelchair during my recuperation. I took an inventory of my skills and ended up with an assignment transcribing audio files for Robbins Research. This, by the way, is a great way to make money sitting at home listening to and learning incredible content while typing. They liked my work and after a several months invited me to work with Tony Robbins on his new book. By now I had very gratefully returned my wheelchair and donated my crutches. I started out as a transcriber on the book project and was soon promoted to being Tony’s Creative Assistant. This turned out to be a 14 month international globe-trotting university on the art of writing a book. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience and fabulous adventure that I will always treasure. This also provided me with a one-of-a-kind skill set for creating new content and organizing existing material.

The Author’s Boot Camp is Born After being on the road for over a year, I bought a house in La Quinta, California and moved in a few weeks before Christmas, 2004. I was on fire! I wanted to write! I created tools, materials, wrote a book, “So, You Want to Write” and most importantly, created a process to help people write their book – in 3 days. I named it the “Author’s Boot Camp”, and you really do get your book done in 3 days – or less! So here I am, 24 months later, having helped authors write over 90 books! Many of my authors have written 2 books during the 3 day session. I have one superstar who wrote 3 in 2 days and an incredible success story of an author who created the storyboards for more than a dozen books in 3 days!

So thank you for visiting. I promise content-rich postings about writing, editing, publishing, marketing and promoting your book.

For free Writer’s Tools, please visit my site:

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo
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Who inspires you? Do you have a story that can facilitate the growth, creativity or well being of others? Writing a book of your own is not only a powerful way to reach many, it is equally as important for you so you need Writing Inspiration. Through the ups and downs of life, the struggles and the rewards, adding a book to your list of accomplishments is something many people strive for, so why not make it a reality?

Share your story to give others hope, inspire people to reach for their own dreams, or to facilitate growth and new beginnings by gifting others your own personal journey. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards will follow. Whether you are an exceptional writer or you simply have a lot to say, to share, or to teach, having a book of your own is not only possible – it is now easier than it’s ever been.

Publishing a book no longer has to be about your skill level or passion for writing. If you have something important to say – let me help you get it published! With my unique writing process, you have the option to speak your book in its entirety, and end up with your very own book in your hands. This program gives anyone and everyone a chance at publishing their story, and in return, reach millions with a powerful message.

The benefits don’t stop there. If you enjoy the writing process, this program is also here to help you organize, clean up, and get your story onto paper thoroughly and effortlessly by setting personal goals and creating structure.

So, who inspires you? Why not take the next step and become the person who inspires many.
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Do you want to publish a book someday but can’t find the time or resources to make it happen? A lot of would-be authors out there have a story to share that would benefit both the reader and the author for years to come, but struggle with finding the time or resources to take the next step needed to make it a reality. My program is here to help you take that next step.

With my very own workbook to guide you through the process, writing a book has never been easier and more efficient. It can sometimes be a struggle finding the time to set aside each day, or even each week, to focus on writing your book. Using my techniques will help you get organized, get inspired, set goals – and to reach them!

All of the resources you will need to make your book a reality are included in my program, no matter where you are at with your progress. Whether having a book of your own is still just an idea, or perhaps you are farther along and have come to a standstill – I am here to help you succeed and reach your goal. Taking the next step is all you need to get to the finish line, so let’s work together to get your book out of your head and into your hands!
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Writing a book is not just about sitting down at a computer and telling a story as an artistic outlet; it is also about sharing your journey, becoming an inspiration, and helping readers find their own voice and strength to better themselves and others. Whatever your passion may be, choose to share it with the masses and to leave an impact that will benefit you and your readers for years to come – and let’s not forget residual income!

My program includes the Author’s Business Mastermind, which will allow authors a chance to speak and to listen to one another and take tips on how to sell your book and become a number one seller, how to properly publicize, as well as how to turn your book into a movie! Aside from the Author’s Business Mastermind, I will be inviting you to join web seminars from home to sit in with bestselling authors and experts who have endless tips and tricks for your success as an author.

Don’t miss out on all this program has to offer! Take a shot at having your very own story become a Hollywood hit movie or TV show! I will be guiding you along the way with all of my very own tips and tricks, which include my workbook to help you organize your book, efficiently manage your time and get you a money-making mindset. Don’t wait any longer – together, we can make your book bigger than just reality.
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How can you make a respectable name for yourself among-st your peers? How can you reach others by resonating with them through truth, raw emotion and hard work? How can you inspire those around you, and even those you have never met? The answer to all of these question is, by being authentic; by being you; Being Authentic Author. People pick up books because they need something, whether it be advice, exercise tips, choosing a career, dealing with struggle, or simply, building an empire of their very own – people need your experience, your authenticity, to guide them through the pages of your very own book and into success.

My program will give you the opportunity to look inside of yourself and define what it is that makes you unique. What do you have that others need? How can you help them? With my work book you will be able to create exciting new goals and follow easy steps to achieve them. You will have a clearer understanding of what it is you wish to accomplish and why, and I will also share how to create simple techniques to get the writing process started with ease.

For this program to be the right fit for you, all you will need is the drive and determination to make a difference, and to allow others to benefit from your unique, personal experience. I want to help you in your success; to help you create a legacy, simply by being you, being authentic author.
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For some, success is measured by accomplishing personal goals. For most, success is measured by accomplishing career-oriented goals. What Does Success Mean to You? But why can’t we do both simultaneously? And how? One sure way to accomplish a personal goal as well as a career-oriented goal is by getting back to writing that book you have been meaning to finish – or perhaps you haven’t even started yet! Now is the time.

If publishing your own book is a personal goal you wish to obtain, think of what you could do after you have finally succeeded! With a published book, not only will you reach your personal goals, but financial gain will follow. Once you get a taste of the benefits of helping others with your story, you can begin to set new goals. Having your book published is a never ending cycle of new goal setting and endless ways for you to reach your own definition of success.

Whatever that may be, publishing your writing will lead to many more successful endeavors for you. Residual income, making a name for yourself, helping thousands of readers who pick up your book, or even millions of viewers if you decide to pitch it to a movie producer – all of that which I can help you do. Set your goals with writing your book and let’s get started on the road to your success.
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Writing does not always come easy for everyone, especially on a consistent basis. My program offers a few ways to avoid procrastination and to better focus on reaching your goals, but you must set goals in order to reach them. Create a to-do list for each week and make sure that writing a chapter or two is right at the top of that list.

If your goal is to write once a day, once a week, or any time in between, give yourself time after work or a busy day to settle in and take care of household duties before sitting down to write. Make sure you have no distractions after a certain hour, turn off your phone, and get to it. Make it a habit. You must understand the importance of your finished book to yourself and to others, and to reach your weekly or biweekly goals as if they were as significant as remembering to feed the dog.

Writing your book is not just a hobby or a past time, it has the potential to become your legacy. It has the potential to set you up for the future. It has the potential to alter your life and the lives of your many readers. Writing a book is beneficial in countless ways, and you must first understand this before you are truly ready to reach for your dream of becoming a successful author. Don’t wait any longer – make your dreams a priority.
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Why should you write a book? If you already have a book, why should you call me? Let me be your Author’s Coach and I will help you organize your thoughts before getting them on paper; you will learn and share strategies with other up-and-coming as well as already established authors like myself, you will be given unique opportunities and advice on how to sell your book and products, and together we will get your book in your hands!

You have waited long enough, so let’s get started! In my Author’s Boot Camp you will be coached through every process; breaking procrastination, organizational techniques, inspirational tips, and right into success. Then, join me and other authors for my Author’s Business Mastermind event. Experience a unique opportunity to network with other authors and professionals who have priceless tools and techniques for your products and for your book once it is published. Want to turn your book into a movie? Find out how at our next event. Call me today and let’s get started! You are already closer to making this a reality, so let’s continue your rewarding venture together!
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You are worthy of success. You have not made it this far to not benefit from your experience and acquired wisdom, your professional skills and your personal struggles and successes. Have you ever read a book that may have saved your life? Do you have something worth sharing that could potentially save others’ lives? There is no better way to begin the process than writing your own book. Share your knowledge, skills, and your experience with the world and help others who are in need of what you have to offer.

Do not let your talent go to waste – become a hero, a mentor, and a teacher. Create and sell your products – your gift – and inspire thousands of readers to take control of their own lives and to make a difference. With my program, tools, and coaching, publishing a book can become your greatest success, and now, you can do it with ease. Join us now for our upcoming Author’s Business Mastermind to fuel you with the desire you need to make your dreams a reality. Readers are counting on you for your guidance, and only you can manifest your own success story. After all, you have what it takes and you are worthy of success.
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