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Too much cake!
Too much cake!


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Lobby Renovation - Part 5
I've been up to loads of other stuff this month so we've not made much progress in the lobby, just tinkering round the edges. I've put up hooks, loads of hooks, more hooks than you could shake a... yeah, OK, 12 hooks ... which is 12 more places to hang a co...

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Lobby Renovation - Part 4
Our main problem in the lobby was storage for all those jackets, coats, bags, gloves, scarves, umbrellas. I'm guessing that is the same problem most people have... I don't think I know anyone who has enough storage in their hall... Our lobby is long and nar...

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Lobby Renovation - Part 3
Our lobby is well on the way to becoming an actual lobby - rather than being a storage solution for tools we were to lazy to take to the shed. If you are at all interested you can click to read  PART 1 and PART 2  - I know y'all will, cause it is such an in...

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Sorry I Missed You, I Was In The Garden...
I don't know quite what happened there with the blog... the rest of life just took hold for a while Since February I have continued to build, paint, fix, plumb, plaster, saw, sew, knit and generally handmake our home... I have taken far fewer photos than us...

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Dry Rot - Victory Over Our Arch Enemy!
Within a few months of moving into Snowdrop Cottage (back in 2007) we found dry rot in the front wall of the house, it was horrendous and scary. The whole front of the house needed stripped back, sprayed and re-roofed... It was pretty much the start of our ...

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Thrifty Thursday - Meal Planning - With Free Printables
My Thrifty Thursday series is all about sharing money saving tips I've learned while raising a family under a mountain of debt in half a house. For years we lived on a £50 a week budget (not including housing, bills or travel) while we paid back all of our ...

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Hacked Off - Stripping Walls to Bare Stone and Brick
A couple of weeks ago (actually it was before Christmas... I'm a bit behind on my write-ups) We decided that the first thing to do in the lobby was to strip the walls back to the bare brick and stone. We started with partially plastered/wallpapered/painted ...

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Our Next BIG Renovation Project!
We still have a long way to go in our renovations. This next room we are about to tackle hasn't been touched since we bought the house. It is the most disgusting, embarrassing and difficult room in the whole house. When I say we haven't touched it, well, th...

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Taking the 'Dot Com' Plunge
We finally made the leap to our own .com ! Last night John and I sat side by side on the sofa, pressed all the buttons and tweaked all the knobs... not like that... you people, honestly... tsk. It was a bit of cutting and pasting of chunks of code in the ba...

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Deliciously Simple French Crêpe Recipe
When I was 15 I had an exchange trip to France, my counter-part was from Brittany. Marie-Eve visited us for a week, and I remember very little of her visit, other than crepes and roller-blading. When she went home she left us with this recipe for her mother...
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