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AnnMarie Jones
Pro Photographer living on a small conservation based farm in Mid Wales.
Pro Photographer living on a small conservation based farm in Mid Wales.

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I'd like to give a shout out for all the wonderful, hard working folk who keep #Skomer Island running & shipshape.

#birds #wildlife #nature #puffin #wales #selectivecolour #photography

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Going to give this vid editor a go ...

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Lots of fun getting the right angle & lighting to photograph this water boatman ...

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Personal reflections upon social media and why I am reducing my use of it.

I guess it all started for me back in the early - mid nineties, before widespread access to the world wide web. Access to bulletin boards (like those on CompuServe) and to internet newsgroups, opened up a smorgasbord of discussion & debate. It wasn't long before I became involved in multiple groups of geeky discussion. The discussions were, for the main part, well humoured yet passionate with topics like determinism & the nature of existence being rather popular.

Before long I was writing hypertext documents & publishing my first webpages (starting about 1995 as I recall). Different forum software became readily available for webservers and the discussions broadened further with many locations for idea cross pollination. But shortly after the change of the century Web 2.0 came along, the modern commercialised social media leviathans appeared. Along with these platforms came a huge dilution of quality content & ideas. Now there was a growing competitive rush for likes, +1's or whatever; a rather narcissistic chase for self validation & proof of popularity - something that started to push me away from these platforms. Over the last decade I have ebbed & flowed in relation to social media - conventional advice is that the modern artist requires a substantial social media presence but I am far from convinced that this is true.

Over the last couple of years I have posted content for several reasons:

- A. Art. I love the process of taking photographs & creating art but at the end of the day, commercial or not, these images are for viewing. For putting smiles on people's faces or provoking thoughts in their minds. Social media is a useful place to allow access to one's imagery but it is very easy to lose focus on the art and instead focus on social media posts. This is something that I strongly wish to avoid - I shall therefore be reducing my posting rate to re-enable an art centric focus. Over time I suspect my website galleries shall become the main online access to my photography, hopefully backed up with real world galleria & exhibits.

- B. Family. When my ex left us, Tamsin (dear daughter) was 16 and various folk expressed concern for her. I increased my sharing of family content to allow folk to be reassured and for not so present family members to stay in touch with a little of Tamsin's life. As it happens the other family members have appeared somewhat uninterested & a few other people have even used my postings to negative effect. Now that Tamsin is 18, I feel no need to continue feeding trolls.

- C. Ideas & Beliefs. Anyone who truly knows me, will know that I'm an ambivert who finds fun in most of life. They'll also know that my mind is almost always running at a million mph. I'm passionate about various topics especially conserving our planet for future generations. I shall continue to write the occasional article for dissemination across various online media.

To all the lovely people who have supported me through difficult times - thanks so much and I hope that you continue to enjoy my work, postings will just be a little less frequent. If you want to contact me, email is going to be the most reliable - easy to do from my websites.
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Celebrated the year's longest day with several thousand of these guys - fabulous :)

#wildlife #birds #puffins #Wales #skomer
Clown of the Sea - An Atlantic #Puffin (Fratercula arctica) stands with a beak full of sand eels - gotta love these #cuties #wildlife #birds

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Hmm, how to vote in next week’s general election? Quite the quandary.

(Not party political, even if I do give my choice).

For those who regularly vote along well-worn party lines, next week will simply be a matter of ‘doing their duty’ in the polling booth. But, for the open-minded floating voter, choosing a party / candidate can be something of a tribulation. Here’s a little insight into one such voter’s mind, my own …

• Heart or Mind – should I vote pragmatically, analyse who IMHO will do the best job of looking after economics, society, defence OR should I vote for those who perhaps share my ideals, my vision of the future i.e. go with my heart.

• Is there anybody there – can I actually find someone who represents me at all? Maybe it would be better to not vote or to spoil my ballot with “None of the above”?

• Trustworthy! – I’m trying to educate myself but can I trust the proposals laid out in each party’s manifesto. I’m really not sure that I can trust the traditional media to report the facts accurately & unbiasedly. Social media is no better – full of polarised opinion & fake news.

• Short-term or Long-term; National or International – Although I’m not pleased to be leaving the EU, we do now need good strong negotiators who will find the best road ahead. But that’s short-term, what if the best negotiators have a future long-term view that I don’t approve of? And of course, it’s all too easy to maintain an inward looking almost xenophobic view without considering that the long-term future must involve us all, the entire planet.

In my life, whilst just like many others I enjoy some fun in the here & now; I have tried to make the more major decisions with an eye to the future. I worry about what sort of world we’re leaving for our children to live in. For example, that’s why +Tamsin Jones & I have spent time & effort planting hundreds of trees; trees that I hope she will live to see mature.

So much of today’s politics is short-termism – a fact brought in to sharp focus by Donald Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris climate treaty (so typical of some humans to value immediate personal gain over long-term wisdom to the benefit of all). It was upon reflecting about these contrasting desires & wisdom that I came to my conclusion of who to vote for.

Whilst I disagree with various policies of this party (unilateral disarmament to name one) and they currently stand little chance of wielding much power; they are the only party to have grasped that for future generations to enjoy the benefits of education, health service, transport et al. firstly they must still have a decent planet to live upon. And so, as a vote for future hope, I will be voting for the Green Party next week.

Here’s a couple of their policies that caught my eye (not just environmental ones) :
• Pass an Environment Protection Act to safeguard and restore the environment
• Introduce proportional representation for parliamentary and local elections
• Move towards a four-day working week and "universal basic income"
• Lower the voting age to 16
• Retain free movement of citizens between the UK and the EU
• Abolish SATs tests
• Ban arms sales to oppressive regimes
• Hold a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal, with the option of staying in the EU


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These really are great little guys ...
Beautiful Beneficial Beetles - the green dock beetle (Gastrophysa viridula). These little sparkling green gems aren't just pretty; see the full article with detailed photographs & micrographs at

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A bit of relaxing fun
Spring Burst - A digital #artwork I've been working on - I'd like to clear some time to improve my skills in this area - #nature #surreal

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just love the different moods of Snowdonia ...
Darkness, Ruin or Fall - On the slopes of Snowdon, contrasting mine ruins and picturesque waterfalls. #landscape #Snowdonia #mono #Wales
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