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AnnMarie Jones
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Natural History Photographer & Smallholder
  • Self Employed
    Photographer, present
  • European Vinyls Corporation
    Management Accountant
  • Lucas Industries
    Accountant's Assistant
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    Equestrian Services
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Dolgellau, UK
Minera, Wrexham, Wales, UK - Buckingham, UK - Reading, UK - Chester, UK
Pro Photographer living on a small conservation based farm in Mid Wales.

Professional natural history photographer specialising in the flora, fauna and landscapes of western Britain.

More Detail:

Wildlife & Landscape photographer; you could also call me a conservationist, horse enthusiast, partner, parent, home educator and amateur astronomer.

 live in a beautiful wooded area of north-west Wales (UK). I prefer to work on my own 'patch'; this tends to mean mainly Wales and extending to the UK in general. I work by producing images of the whole ecosystem from large landscapes to tiny macros.

Academically I studied a wide variety of subjects at school before specialising to study Physics, Chemistry & Biology to advanced level. At University my top specialities were Nutrition, Physiology & Biochemistry. I subsequently worked in Industry gaining Managerial, Accounting & Computing experience before leaving to start my own business and follow my dreams.

My photography has been published across much of the world. Here in the UK you may have seen it in publications as diverse as The Sun & the Telegraph or Countrylife & BBC magazines. Whilst not motivated by competition, I occasionaly enter such and have received a variety of awards from organisations, competitions & exhibitions. 

When I'm not behind the camera I can be found working to improve the bio-diversity on & around our small farm in the foothills of southern Snowdonia or spending time with my horse.

To look at some of my recent images why not visit my galleries at Natures Universe

  • Stowe School, Buckingham
    1981 - 1986
  • University of Reading
  • Lindisfarne College, Ruabon
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Going... Up

Another beautiful spring day here in Wales. The Treecreepers are very busy in the oak woodland, another good reason to go for a quiet woodland wander :D Here's one I photographed earlier this spring.

#songbirdsaturday   #treecreepers   #spring2014  
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So true :) +Greg Smith  I took a dozen or so frames of this little guy as he made his way up an oak tree and I'm pleased to get this photo from them. Often seem to just be looking at their bum!

Thanks for taking time to comment.
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Body Image

A Chaffinch glances at its watery reflection.

#songbirdsaturday   #songbirds   #photography  
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In a spin 

Following on from my earlier post; I guess once you've forgotten the brollie & are soaked, there's nothing else to do but shake all the water off...

(BTW - I find this photo ever so slightly disturbing - not sure why!?!)

#rainyday   #birds   #amusing  
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Yes 8))
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Covert Blackbird

A Blackbird utilises natural cover to assist it in the common past-time of 'Photographer Spotting'.

#songbirdsaturday   #uk   #spring2014  
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Golden Spring

Good Morning & Happy Easter Holidays to everyone.

The Daffodils are still putting on a beautiful spring show, here's a photo of one of my favourites...

#floralfriday   #spring2014   #daffodils  
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There be Dragons! 

If you're visiting our beautiful part of the world this Easter (& it really is worth it) keep your eyes open because ...

Amongst the rarer wildlife of the area, are a very exciting group - one of which we are lucky enough to have visiting us at present. It's Dragons that I speak of and Drythorn is our visitor, as you can see in the photos below.

They are of course very tricky to spot in the wild and you may have more luck if you visit  at Corris Craft Centre.

#dragon   #wales   #photography  
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New webcam position

I have moved and updated our webcam. It looks NW across the farm and towards Cadair Idris which is just behind the central ridge in the image.

The image is updated once per minute and is available at the link below.
Whilst I am still fine tuning the set-up, it should remain like this for some time now - until we finance a further extension in our LAN connection range :)

#weather   #livestream   #uk   #wales   #snowdonia  
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Brollie Days 

Sometimes you just know that you should have brought an umbrella.

#rainyday   #birds   #photography  
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Hi +Chris Day yes it's par for the course I'm afraid - thanks for stopping by & commenting :) 
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Golden Aura
A Goldfinch perched on a Shepard's crook.

Hope this brings some colourful brightness to what is a rather damp & misty morning with us.

For #songbirdsaturday  

#wildlife   #birds   #naturephotography  
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Excellent! I love these little birds. 8))
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AnnMarie Jones

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An eloquent and thought provoking article that elucidates a viewpoint that I share, yet would struggle to put into such carefully chosen words.

Well worth reading and considering for a few moments. Here is it's closing statement:

"The world of animals does not ask for the love of our favourites, which is easy, but for the love of the rest, which is hard."
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