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I'm pretty honored to have all these B2B rock stars assembled in once place, at one time! I hope to meet you there, too along with +Tim Hayden +Tim Washer +C.C. Chapman +Amber Naslund +Matt Dickman +Ardath Albee +Shelly Kramer +Adele Revella +Kipp Bodnar +Jeffrey L. Cohen +David B. Thomas +Michael Brenner +Alan Belniak +Sam Fiorella +Mack Collier +Tom Fishburne +Veronica Fielding +Kami Huyse +Chad Horenfeldt    .. and that's just the START of the party! If you want to see us in 5 weeks or so -- use code FOA (Friend of Ann) when you register for $300 off!
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It's definitely going to be a good time, +Adele Revella ! (I feel like we might have met briefly already -- were you at the dinner Shashi organized last fall in Cleveland? I feel like we were at opposite ends of the table but definitely in the same place at least ONCE! Or possibly I'm mis-remembering....)
+Ann Handley were you at the Allfacebook marketing conf in SF I thought I saw you in the audience agreeing with me when I was speaking but could be wrong. 
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