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Not easy to shoot in the Amazon, but here are clicks of rarely seen tribes we interviewed for our story on +Rock Center with Brian Williams Friday night. 
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Really cool shots -- thanks!
Cool stuff. Very beautiful part of the world.
Amazing pictures.  I would hate to bring about change to the forest and people for the sake of our way of life.  It appears the people in the photos have a lot more going for them.  They seem to have their heart and mind in the "right place."  Thanks Anne!
Beautiful photos!  Ann, you are an awesome Journalist.  Thanks for your hard work.
This is that very forest in the movie Avatar, you need an oxygen mask.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures, but more importantly the story of this tribe and their quest to keep their land!  
Este es mi pais Ecuador, el pais que Ama la vida, lleno de paisajes, lleno de vida, la Amazonia es una region mega diversa muy rica en especies silvestres, es el lugar donde tambien viven Nacionalidades indigenas como los COFANES, SECOYAS, LOS ACHUAR Y LOS SHUAR, son unas de las pocas cuturas que todavias conservas sus tradicionos ansentrales com la caza, la medicina con plantas de la selva esto es ECUADOR ............
thank you for describing it so well.  How can I help?
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