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Ankur Shrivastava
Live like there is no tomorrow..
Live like there is no tomorrow..

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Check out the growth story of this boutique consulting firm. This startup is a promising social enterprise in the making. 

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great experience to witness speed on land..
One for the bucket list - travel 431 kph (268 mph) on a train powered by magnetic levitation!

Thank you +Reenu Raj for you invitation. Much appreciated. 

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Aquaria Grande Tower Replaces Balconies with Glass Pools

A 37-story residential skyscraper in Mumbai, India, called the Aquaria Grande Tower (currently under construction) will have the most awesome feature ever: glass swimming pools where the balconies normally go for some of the apartments.

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It is interesting to see what people thought 45 years back in India... things seems to have not changed much except for technological advancements and infrastructure improvements.

Thank you +vaiga venugopal for your kind invitation. have a nice day ;)

Thank you +vaiga venugopal for inviting me to this wonderful community. :) 

Thank you very much +Afoot In France for your kind invitation. Hope the cold is treating you well ;)

Thank you for the invitation +Seb Powen . Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

Thank you for the invitation +Maria Ioana  Merry Christmas to all.
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