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Great to see us rolling these out. "Adjust the volume of Circles in Stream" is my personal favorite; though most of the other stuff rolling out is incredibly cool too..
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A few big improvements before the New Year

I'm really thrilled to announce new features and functionality, all of which will be rolling out in the next day or so... These aren't bells-and-whistles, but really deep improvements that I'm sure you are going to love.

The team knocked it out of the park... Huge congrats and thanks to the many folks who really gave of themselves to make this pre-holiday mega-launch possible. (I hope they find a moment to recharge during the holidays, because we have some awesome stuff planned for 2012!)

Enjoy, and as usual, tell us what you think so that we can learn, improve and adapt accordingly.

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yes users do have control via the sliders. there are various levels wrt the sliders for each circle. which gives the user a good amount of flexibility wrt what posts (from the respective circles) to show in the stream. If I misunderstood your question; ping me and we can discuss more.
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