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Tap in to flow, remember anxiety will dissipate it's just a form of temporal dislocation, everything is going to be alright, nothing is actually wrong right now except your brain is over determining... using the past to over determine the present, and get freaked out about the future.

Sit back, relax, find something to distract you, and remember the hallmark, the solution to the human conundrum, is to find something more sublime, more gripping than your own tedious everyday. Connect with something sublime, connect with something that is full of meaning, get lost in signification.

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Relaxing on the back porch, I love when the sun streams through the trees. Wasn't able to capture it as seen, but close enough. Enhanced with #snapseed .

But all of this isn't our yard, you can see a distinct line. :)
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Really nice capture, +Anita W and the little highlights on the grass make it pop!

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Foggy Morning
As seen yesterday in the Bluegrass.

#treetuesday #lexingtonky #lexington #mobilephotography
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So beautiful photo.

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I don't think this song is amazing, it's okay, but I had to both mute it and turn it down low because I swear I can feel the clicking in the back of my throat. Totally weird!! the clicky sensation starts at 2:12
Same for you? Or I'm crazy? Don't answer that last Q. ;)
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+Anita W I fear no moniker

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Sunset at the Pond
My daughter tossed a pebble in to help me with this photo composition. :)

"This pure little drop from a pure little source was too sweet: it penetrated deep, and subdued the heart." -Charlotte Brontë

1. Sky/Clouds
2. Repoussoir
3. Long-Exposure

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Anita W
Very insightful, +Thex Dar!! ❤

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Winter is Coming
Butternut Squash "soup"
The soup is really thick, though and I am not adding more coconut milk. Milk/dairy free because FML.

I did use the pressure cooker to cook the butternut squash. Quarter it, remove seeds, cook for 18 minutes, peel came right off, puree'd kinda with some coconut milk, salt, and cinnamon. 
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I did butternut squash soup this week -- I used chicken stock because that's what I had, and garlic, shallots, a little curry powder, a little salt. I didn't want to make a cream soup.

Roasted butternut squash, though, makes the best version of the soup IMHO. It's just more work because that requires peeling and chunking the squash rather than roasting it with the skin. 

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Unfiltered Wild Bee Honey
This honey was received through bartering, I'm so happy to say. :) Look at how beautiful it is. My husband knows a beekeeper who was interested in soap. In trade for my handmade soap, we received this generous offering of honey from one of his wild bee hives.

Do you barter? 
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Lucky you. 

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It's okay to buy the flowers sometimes
even if they're for yourself
you're worth it

photo edited in #aviary for a vintage look

I wish I would have bought some flowers for myself when we were at Costco earlier, I've been feeling like shit lately, anything colorful would look lovely on our kitchen table right now. I settled for this photo at the time because I'm too cheap to spend the money. Plus who knows what insurance will decide they're not paying that I'll be stuck with. Getting old sucks.

so buy the flowers while you're alive to enjoy them :-)
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"they are working on themselves!"
thank you for sharing, dear +Anita W!

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The x-ray technician had this cool purple skull, he didn't mind that I went back to take a photo. :)

Also, there were spiders in the lights in the ceiling and all the staff were like, yeah that's normal

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It's Always Something
Monochrome(ish) Monday
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+Steph Oma following in the Google sense or the creepy sense? lol I love Madison, but yeah, AWD becomes a necessity if you plan to do anything once the snow hits the ground. The fancy bit being my car's 16 years old and has a stability control system as well. Safe + Comfy + Affordable = Epic. XD

Nah, in all reality, heated seats, mirrors, and front windshield make all the difference. Just turn the car on and wait for things to happen :)

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Sample Size
I'm finally getting around to addressing the latest sample size request, after years of trying to figure this out, I think I'm going with printed bags. 60 bags printed, this process is taking forever. :) I may post a photo of these bags later, all filled with soap.
Also, preparing some surprise extras for orders placed in October. 🎃
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+Anita W you are waaayyy too kind!!! 
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