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Focus on what you can control
Yesterday I was proud of myself for being tactful in how I responded to being publicly (in an all hands meeting) degraded by our executive director, I stood up for myself and I think did pretty well.

As you can guess, maybe, the week hasn't really been very smooth, so I decided on the way in to work this morning that I can only focus on those things within my control and ignore those which are not in my control. It was a fun little project on my lunch break to look for images that say this in a visually stimulating way. I've attached a few to this post.

There are many articles about choosing to focus on things you can control, I had no idea it was such a hot topic. ;) Below are a couple articles for your consideration, in case you need a reminder.

The Only 7 Things You Can Control in Life

1. Your Breath
2. Your Self-Talk
3. Your Gratitude
4. Your Body Language
5. Your Mental and Physical Fitness
6. Your Diet
7. Your Sleep

50 Things You Can Control Right Now

1. How many times you smile today.
2. How much effort you exert at work.
3. Your level of honesty.
4. How well you prepare.
5. How you act on your feelings.
6. How often you say “thank you.”
7. When you pull out your wallet for luxuries.
8. Whether or not you give someone the benefit of the doubt.
9. How you interpret situations.
10. Whether or not you compete with people around you.
11. How often you notice and appreciate small acts of kindness.
12. Whether you listen or wait to talk.
13. When you walk away from a conversation.
14. How nice you are to yourself in your head.
15. Whether you think positive or negative thoughts.
16. Whether or not you form expectations of people.
17. The type of food you eat.
18. When you answer someone’s question—or email or call.
19. How much time you spend worrying.
20. How many new things you try.
21. How much exercise you get.
22. How many times you swear in traffic.
23. Whether or not you plan for the weather.
24. How much time you spend trying to convince people you’re right.
25. How often you think about your past.
26. How many negative articles you read.
27. The attention you give to your loved ones when you see them.
28. How much you enjoy the things you have right now.
29. Whether or not you communicate something that’s on your mind.
30. How clean or uncluttered you keep your space.
31. What books you read.
32. How well you network at social events.
33. How deeply you breathe when you experience stress.
34. How many times you admit you don’t know something—and then learn something new.
35. How often you use your influence to help people instead of focusing on building your influence.
36. When you ask for help.
37. Which commitments you keep and cancel.
38. How many risks you take.
39. How creative/innovative you are in your thinking.
40. How clear you are when you explain your thoughts.
41. Whether you formulate a new plan or act on your existing one.
42. How much information you get before you make a decision.
43. How much information you share with people.
44. Whether you smoke or drink (unless you’re an alcoholic, in which case I am not qualified to offer you advice).
45. Whether or not you judge other people.
46. Whether you smell good or bad (unless you have some strange resistance to soap and deodorant).
47. How much of what other people say you believe.
48. How quickly you try again after you fall.
49. How many times you say “I love you.”
50. How much rest you get at night.

Hopefully this post is a great reminder for you, too. We often spend too much of our personal energy focusing on things that are out of our control and let ourselves become frustrated. Let's take that energy and do some good with it! ♥
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Anita W
Thanks ya'll. I hope you found this post useful. ;)
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it was a good great day

My daughter and I danced in the rain before we waited for the heavy rain to pass in the shelter of the screened in porch. It brought cooler temperatures to an otherwise really hot day. She wasn't as impressed as I was with the steam rising from the asphalt. :)
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Beautiful. I can feel the temperature of this, smell the rain. 
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Really? What if I want to use my data plan?!
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I might have startled my husband this morning, tapping on his car window as he sat in the driveway in the dark preparing his playlist for the long drive ahead.

He forgot something.
He didn't want it after that.

I'm still cracking up. 
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You are being watched
Since January, police have been testing an aerial surveillance system adapted from the surge in Iraq. And they neglected to tell the public.
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Police are using drones w/o warrants in Ky. I can't disclose how I know this, and they denied it, but the photos in discovery made it obvious. 
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Today, roughly 64 percent of U.S. consumers use bar soap in some capacity, although men and older Americans are more likely to do so.

This article mentions the decline of bar soap sales, and suggests scent varieties and bar soap shapes can keep sales afloat.

I've had my share of friends and family who tell me they do not use bar soap at all and that liquid soap doesn't leave soap scum. (I still haven't found info on that, but it does seem like a great sales gimmick.) I've had friends accept gifts of my handmade soaps only to skirt ever discussing what they liked or didn't like about the soap. :) I assume it became room freshener or was thrown away.

With soap sales on the decline, I'm glad I never decided to make a real business out of my hobby. It'll always be a wonderful way for me to relax and create something useful, and provide chemical free cleansing for my family. 
Nearly 90 percent of households purchase liquid hand soap.
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+Anita W oh my goodness sweetie, thank you for thinking of me. As for 'dancing to my own set of drums' , you and I are kindred eccentric souls🙌💖 I'm incredibly blessed and grateful to call you my friend. 
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Is it 5 yet?

Today has been frustrating.
A lot of frustrating.
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It's 22:30
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I ended up a Lowe's today during lunch and was talking to the sales rep in the appliance section, he has sold us lots of stuff and recognized me (ha!), and he has lots of cats! Yaaay! Anyway, I'm standing there talking to him about an appliance, legit, he's helping a customer, and up walks this guy talking to me and the associate helping me, he thinks I work there and was asking about microwaves. Thank goodness the store associate had answers because I was just like, the under cabinet microwave has to be under something because it has vents on the bottom. Duh. The store associate was much more helpful. :D

Moral of the story: Don't wear a red shirt when shopping at Lowes, some dick will think you work there.
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Bob S
ALWAYS act like you work in whichever store you're in. Some of the best conversations I've ever had happened that way.
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Delivers $1 worth of epinephrine
Mylan’s chief executive officer, hit on the idea of using old-fashioned marketing in part to boost sales among concerned parents of children with allergies. That started EpiPen, which delivers about $1 worth of the hormone epinephrine, on a run that’s resulted in its becoming a $1 billion-a-year product that clobbers its rivals and provides about 40 percent of Mylan’s operating profits, says researcher ABR|Healthco. EpiPen margins were 55 percent in 2014, up from 9 percent in 2008, ABR|Healthco estimates.

The article is from last year so maybe the price of epinephrine jumped 400% in a year? Should that now be $4 worth of drug?

Oh don't forget about the scare tactics, always scare tactics, especially involving the children. Great marketing, scumbags.
Mylan’s marketing turned the allergy device into a must-have.
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+Anita W the most direct answer to why people don't just keep a $10 vial of ephenephrine and some syringes around is liability. Mylan lobbied congress hard to create a legal safe harbor for people who administer "ephenephrine autoinjectors", particularly schools. Someone suffering full anaphylactic shock will be completely incapable of giving themselves a shot traditionally, someone else will have to do it.

To add insult to injury the FDA has shut down and blocked multiple companies from making competing versions of autoinjectors.

People scream about the costs of health care and "big pharma" but ignore the sprwaling bureaucracy of the FDA that has driven the costs of developing and approving a new drug to more than $1 billion and 8-10 years of testing and red tape. Most people understand that the perfect is the enemy of the good, but don't realize that the FDA standard is the perfect. We need to change the mindset of the FDA from "if it just prevents just one accidental death" to "if it saves more lives than it costs".
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I'm not sure if this is stable at room temperature or if easily administered while going into anaphylactic shock.
Let's help out Mylan Pharmaceutical out of business. Reshare at will.
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As she walked down the street
The rain began to fall
He called out
But she passed on by
Like she never noticed him at all

Then the words of the song
Remind her of those days
Sees herself in the face of a stranger
Sat in a Station Road Cafe

She remembers the day
When things were going her way
Only memories remain of

The way she used to be
Way she used to be

She stays home every night
And exaggerates her past
Now he knows
That slimcea girl
And she lives alone in Prozac Park

All the old photographs
Were never thrown away
She looks through them
For what made her cry
And then she decides live for today

She remembers the day
When things were going her way
Only memories remain of

The way she used to be
Way she used to be

Why don't you come to me ?
I'll come with you

The way she used to be
Way she used to be

She'll never go back again
The way she used to be
Way she used to be
She'll never go back again

Lyrics source:
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