Are you writing a book or thinking about writing a book? Or are you an author with experience getting a book published?  Then we want to hear from you. Today we're holding a chat on Twitter on the topic of "Self publish or traditional publish - which is best for your book?"

Weigh in with your experiences, or ask questions.  We'll have authors who have self published as well as those who've gone the traditional publishing route there -- including +Ramon Ray, +Ivana Taylor  and yours truly. We'll have a representative from +BenBella Books, a publishing company.  And we'll have +Nicole Fende, who helps guide authors during their publishing.

We've got 5 copies of the new book to give away, also, to participants: "The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing."  It's #1 on Amazon in Web Technology books right now.

To participate in the chat, just log on to Twitter at 3 pm Eastern (New York time zone) today, and search for/use the hashtag #BizBookAwards.
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