A week in Paris

Wow, just wow. So many things happened last week in Paris, that I don't know where to start. I'll do it in chronological order, from the point of view of an Ingress Resistance agent. Forgive me if I forget some things.
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 - We got statistics. An infiltrated double agent, probably on Devra's side, has gone rogue(I guess he is now a triple agent); he is now exchanging critical NIA data on the Paris area, with eXotic Matter. We learned that there are about a thousand operatives in Paris, roughly balanced between both sides. The enlightened have more high level agents, and those agents got there AP mostly from destruction, on contrary to our own high level agents that were focused on building.

 - After the attacks of the previous week in le Louvre, a small fightback happened in la Défense. But those were skirmishes when compared to the epic battles that happened last week in Paris.

 - The first big operation happened on Wednesday. Codenamed "Double impact" (in the end it was more "multiple impact"), it started with an operative using his drawing and Risk skills to craft a map on his tablet while relaxing in his couch, that he then shared with his fellow resistants. And it didn't take long to get traction.
This operation was so successful it changed the balance of Paris. The center was all green and it became the blue center. 30+ agents met in Paris center and did what they had to do. Then we all went together in a bar and had fun exchanging tips, keys, and drinks.
Here is what a top player notification inbox looked like during the attack: https://plus.google.com/102595702572178104218/posts/N4wUeCCwd4m . And it was just a small part of Paris. More importantly, we learned that just 3% of the local agent count in sufficient to have enough impact to just switch the leadership on one side or the other.
 - This night saw the birth of our first L8 operative, while the enlightened already had 3.

 - After the double impact, la defense has been attacked every night in retaliation; on Thursday about 4 green agents came, and they were pushed back, mostly by a single agent. On Friday, about 15 agents came, and 4 agents were enough to push them back. Finally, on Saturday we were outnumbered and tired, and La Défense was taken. But Sunday it became mostly blue again.

 - We gave each sides surnames. They called us "smurfs"(schtroumpfs in french), and we call them "grinches". This should explains the smurf you guys saw on the video. I like the smurf surname. They are clever, organized, quick to move, and Gargamel never catches them.

 - I talked about La Défense, but a lot of things happened all over the place, I can't cite them all. The most noticeable on the intel map are the Huge fields. Very huge fields were created by the Resistance in the north east of Paris, going more than 100km away, linking big cities like Amiens, Soissons, Compiegne, Reims, etc. This might or might not be related to the exchange of keys that happened Wednesday evening.

 - Last but not least the NIA HQ informed us that an artist influenced by shapers left documents in Paris for operatives to retrieve https://plus.google.com/105211554081025512763/posts/iVEbwxoEwqj . They contained never-seen storyboards of Devra and Jarvis. We all immediately understood what it meant and mobilized our teams to go see what was there. The enlightened were there first. This is what they saw: https://plus.google.com/105830300886132141737/posts/5X5GuTEWLmv . Unfortunately, just like the enlightened agent, I didn't understand the meaning of the frame. But another on their team did: Ingress - Opération Oraison - JackDowser récupère un indice . We have since retrieved the smurf drawing present they left us and will be using it as a poster. Video of the retrieval will be published this week.
In the documents where hidden XM-synthesizable objects, as well as special codes to activate new scanners. They now have been published: https://plus.google.com/100032979521016709212/posts/E1VN5Ecu83n , but all the XM objects were consumed.

And another week is just beginning...
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