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May not have anything to do with the Beta program, but my Pixel XL stopped charging today. Charger and cable have been cross-checked.

The battery's too low to try a factory reset or switch back, so I'm taking it in to the shop.

Hi, I received notification that my account was re-activated about 6 months ago. Since then, I can log into the game, but the scanner, etc are still disable as it was when I first got banned. Please check/help.

Dear NianticOps,

My account has been wrongfully terminated.

I received a warning three days ago about having violated Ingress ToS by using unofficial software or add-ons. I immediately wrote to the help center mentioning that I have no such add-ons installed. In fact, I have sent many bug reports recently due to an issue where Ingress crashed on opening the phone verification page. I think the reports include a snapshot of apps installed on my system, and so it can be verified easily.

Then, I received notice today that my account has been deleted due to repeated ToS violations using unofficial add-ons. Please tell me how I can prove that I am not using any. Is there a way to send you a snapshot of all installs on my phone?

In addition, ingress hangs a lot when running. So when I've executed multiple actions one by one, it often takes 10 seconds where nothing happens, and then runs them all simultaneously, even if I've moved away. Is that perhaps why the system thinks I am using add-ons?

Please help me out. I know it's just a game, but I enjoy it. Besides which, it is never pleasant to be labelled a cheater, more so when it is not true.


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