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The trick to entice people into consuming AI products, is to portray them as the opposite of how they are represented in popular culture. And I think that's the logic behind the Google PR rep's worry about Boston Dynamics. They were very humanoid & it scared some people.

And to think of it, that might also be a reason why Google doesn't have a Siri/Cortana alternative. Pop culture has lots of talking AI villains.

Will be discussing about contributing to the Wikipedia Android app, for the next 1 hour here: Check it out.

Debug builds with multiple packages has problems on >6.0 devices since the recent Android Studio 2.0 P5 update. Anyone else facing this?

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If true, it'll end up having more RAM than any device that I currently own.

Touch the Google search bar in your stock Android launcher home screen & drag away. Let me know if the region stays pressed. Bug?

It messes with my OCD. I'm forced to touch it fully & exit to clear the pressed region.

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So Android Studio 2.0 has been released to Canary Channel! Yay!

Quick Android Studio 2.0 Tip:
When declaring a colour in your layouts, you can click on the colour icon on the side of the layout xml. A new feature that I have discovered is the option to select the "Closest material colour".
This is such a cool feature as I am always looking up the material colours from the website:

#AndroidStudio #AndroidDev

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During the fire side chat at #AndroidDevSummit the question of the bottom tabs in the G+ Android app came up. The answer from the team was basically "various teams experiment with things, and this doesn't mean this will be incorporated in the material spec" (see the video linked).

The problem though that from the "outside", there are no teams, there's just Google and most people, including my customers, look at the Google apps as "the Android way".
This is where my problem with experimenting is, especially in this case where a pattern that has been actively called out as "not Android" now shows up in a Google app.

I appreciate that the panel did not shy away from formulating a response during this session anyway.

Now that I have used the new G+ app, I can say that I don't like the tabs; They seem foreign to me, take up a lot of space and function weird (esp. that the last "tab" triggers a sliding panel from the right). I'll hope the G+ team will find a better way for the navigation that they are after.

I think I’ll have to continue using the new Google+ experience for a while before I decide whether I like it or not.

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Why does the Android documentation list permissions that cannot be used by third-party applications?
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