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macbook pro with retina, I'm using the same
i was an apple hater and thought that people who buy their products are not wise, until i got my iphone 5
Now, I am sure that although Nexus 5 is a good phone, but nothing compared to iphone, especially in user experience and joy of use
I love all apple products except the iPhone
Supercurio I am waiting foe voodoo sound for s3
unfortunately, i only have the iphone which I think is great :)
android phones are good but they are ugly
and the apps do not have a similar interface due to the diversity of android phone makers
A lot of apps have the holo UI since JB's release... And you have a lot or great designed devices like the nexus 4 or the HTC One...
as I expect with f/2.4 aperture image on low light so dark
thanks for sharing btw
ups sorry this is not low light, the date picture is 11AM that's mean the lighting condition must be very bright but the picture like taken in the night.
OK so the nexus 5 is still good at shooting food. 
Thanks for sharing dude. Can't wait to get mine :)
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