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I've been waiting to share this. I love the #Nexus5 camera..
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So 8mp with ois and good quality sensor? 
Took you long enough to share :p Can't wait till I get mine, ordered already, now waiting from someone to bring it from the US
what's the aperture on the lens? And sensor size?
Very nice how it handled the bare light bulb on the left along with all the other bit with contrasty lighting.  
Fixed in post or auto awesome mode or built in HDR mode?
Aperture is reported to be 2.4 iinm
this is not too low light I bet. Coz the phone using ISO 189 and expo 1/57 , it mean the light condition must be very bright but photo looks dark.
it was processed with the photo editor on the device to add vignetting. But I still consider the scene to be dimly lit and the camera performance made me more than happy. 
@Anirudh, thanks, the vignette explains the bulb brightness in the exposure.  I agree, for a camera phone, it looks to be doing a great job with tricky lighting!
Good one
Abhishek wanted this but couldn't get till 2Nov here
Shall wait
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