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Animesh Roy
Tech Commentator, Blogger, Wannabe Writer, Avid Reader, Marketer, Digital Nomad & Creative Thinker
Tech Commentator, Blogger, Wannabe Writer, Avid Reader, Marketer, Digital Nomad & Creative Thinker

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If you are not already aware then you must be thinking, why bringing more people online is such a big challenge in this high tech era?

Aren’t we living in a connected generation already?

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Eager to watch this movie.........

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It’s a very common phenomenon that when we go to purchase web hosting service, we have a tendency to look for Cheap Web Hosting !

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Have you checked it?
Twitter has introduced a new dedicated way to drive website conversions for advertisers

Twitter is separating its Website Clicks or Conversions ad objective into two separate objectives: Website Clicks and Website Conversions.

In other words, if you are a Twitter advertiser based in the U.S., you'll now be able to narrow down what exactly you are willing to pay for: website visits or website conversions specifically.

To use the new website conversion tracking, advertisers need to implement Twitter’s website tag to track and optimize activity.

In addition, key conversion events must be set, and cost per conversion goals have to be specified.

To get started with the Website Conversions objective, visit

The new Website Conversions objective is now available in beta to advertisers in the US. Based on user feedback, Twitter will look to expand availability to advertisers in additional regions.

Learn more on Twitter blog


Stay on top of marketing news #MarketingSkinny


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A great example of abandoning consumerism ! Don't throw your old gadgets into the trash just because they have become back-dated!

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Based on various requirements, your web development budget can range from mere $100 to $10000 or even more!

So, for your next project if that’s a constraint then you must be worried regarding how to get the work done in as much minimum budget possible. Right?

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Business Listing on proper online directories can be highly beneficial if you can leverage it with its full potential!

So how you can make your business listing on any niche directory more meaningful/ effective?

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Hello Hacker................ An initiative taken jointly by Mozilla Clubs, Hacker Rank & Kolkata Bloggers to empower engineering students with some niche skills which are highly required to become employable................
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