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The new camera app issue.
If I set it to video mode with flash on. And then I check the photos by swiping to the left. I zoom in photos my flash turns on. If I zoom out it turns off. It feels as if the camera turns on if I zoom into the photo. Same thing happens if I touch the photo.

how do I report problems with the nexus 5??
i have 2 issues:
- atleast 2 to 3 calls a day dont show up at all. My phone rings, but nothing on the display. I am running stock 4.4.2 with default phone app. I have a dialer app(dialer one), but it's defaults are cleared.
- my headphone jack seems to have a problem since last week. sometimes only the right channel works(headphones, headset), sometimes only the left(car aux cable).  I am thinking of giving it to the LG service center after i have a temp phone with me.

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Local and small busineeses is what drives the Gujarat Economy... eg.

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just received the following phishing email

Dear sir,

Please we are very sorry for the delays in making the payment, today we have remitted payment against your INVOICE.

Find attached TT copy of payment of $140,000 USD made to your account, kindly confirm the BANK SLIP attached

Pls send to me final copy B/L and Form E copy


Rajesh Enterprises Ltd.
SWIFT COPY.slip.html
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the file contains fake gmail login screen. beware!

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Baltimore harbor

A 50-something year old white woman wearing totally racist clothing arrived at her seat on a crowded flight only to find she would be sitting next to a penguin. Disgusted, she complained to the flight attendant and demanded a new seat.
"Let me see if we have an appropriate seating arrangement," said the flight attendant, very careful not to indicate whose seat - the woman's or the penguin's - would change (more on that later). She went away to go check, and when she came back, reported that there were no more seats left in economy. "But there may be a seat in first class, so let me go talk to the captain."
Ten minutes later, she returned. "It turns out we do have something available in first class. And while it is not our policy to upgrade a person's seat, I would hate to see someone have to suffer through a flight next to an unpleasant person." Then, before the white woman (who everyone in the airplane HATED because she stood for all that was wrong in the world) could say anything, the flight attendant turned to the penguin and said, "So, Mr. Penguin, please gather you things and follow me away from this unpleasant person into first class."
Everyone applauded and cheered!
And then later, when they were in the air, and people started getting hungry, they decided to eat the 50-something year old white woman instead of the complimentary peanuts

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Countries in which Innsale Teknik has sold machines.
More than 1500 machines sold.

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