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{ ハローキティ } Pink Hello Kitty Contact Lenses!
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MER GERSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEIRD YET SUPER UBER COOL
imagine these contacts had a picture of erinque iglesias 
Have you actually seen people wearing these sort of things?
They look really freaky. The bad guy in that Sukeban Deka movie from 2006 had colour contacts and was quite scary (even if he was a complete nut-job.)

The usual sanrio rule is "if you discount it, you lose your license" so a  hello kitty fridge would be 98000 yen, the same maker, kitty free model, maybe 45000 yen.

For more abject horror:
I would never... but very cool! 
cool but i wouldnt want them to be hello kitty
my favorite character eva. are they contacts
Gabby D
Not really sure what I'd do if I saw those in someone's eyes...
wow awesome i need it... :D
really love hello kitty...mwauh
Shah PB
OMG...thats incredible
Rita R
coool cat
I would sport them. There different.
sam sha
how to get ? what is price ?
oh, if only my sister had this.  she would literally live in a world of hello kitty.
how much for the pair ? i want to avail ., msg me ., 
this is sooo cool
Really Nice.....
Science is just....Great..... :)
yeah!!!!pink is my fav en gonna buy that ASAP beautiful...Hello Kitty..
cantik sangat2 kan..hehe
i love hello kitty. o my.... =))))
so cute .. how much is this ???? and wer did u buythis ? thanks 
lol im getting contacts... might get them
Brilliant idea, they look fantastic... :)
falaq g
its so beautifull
Owm.. que bunitinho!! rsrsrrs mas deve dá nervoso de colocar isso!
Acho que não dá nervoso não. Afinal é uma lente como as outras. rs
Those are soooo cute. Excpet i hate the thought of touching my eyes...:/
my sister will go hysterical if she sees this x_X
nice. but eyes wont get spoiled ah ?
so lovely.. where can i buy that? is that available in the philippines?
Bah! Cant u ppl use blue or green instead of baby pink? It looks too girlish...
wow...nice..!!!didnt kno' u cud get those stuffs!!!
This is Hello Kitty fan to the extreme!!!!! Wouldn't suggest wearing everyday...other ppl would think you're weird?!
Awesome... I wouldn't try that on as I am good with the one I have. And I don't want to be hooked with changing the eyelids all the times.
thats awesome 
i wish i could wear it
omg that is so cool i love hello kitty some people say something is wrong with her cool contacts
one of my older friends told me that i think that there lying to me
That's sassy!!! Such a pity my eyes r 2 watery
OMG ! i love those contact lens !! hahaha...can i have 1 pair?? Xd
I'm not seeing the magic word "Sanrio" so I think these are unlicensed. I'm sure you can call sanrio and ask them if these are official or not. But right now, I have my doubts.

They have a whole selection of "you are crazy putting this rubbish in your eyes" lenses:
(prices quoted seem to be for 1 lens)
This is the maker, and here is the US distributor:
(prices are for a pair)

Now, you only have one pair of eyes, and sticking things in them in the name of fashion is STUPID.
If you go blind from it, you have only yourself to blame. Ambulance chasing lawyers however, will pro bono for you, because they are like that.
oh my god hello kitty uck. bet they cost a bunch
hello kitty is so cool i would do anything for them
So-o-o- Scary Oh well, what do you expect an old lady to think? Wouldn't ever want to look someone in the eyes to talk w/those things in! ! !
make people not put in color contects again.
yeah they are cute but allso so wierd.
Inecesariamente ingeniosos!!!!...
unnecessarily ineinius!!!
cool, now they should make some that make it look like your eye is on fire!
what so cool do you put them on or something 
Those would be an amazing gift for someone i know.
cute and creepy at the same time,but I like it!
ruth its *like learn how to spell HOE .
Jenn R
I like them....I want them
cool but it will be better if they were blue or green.
Omg people actually pay for these things
It's cool except I don't like hello kitty
those are def the coolest contacts iv ever seen!
What?! You're joking right?! What has the world come to, eh?!
My granddaughter would love them. They r cool
yeah!!! My daughter would love these.
This girl in my school would want those good thing she's not on Google+ to see them . . . 
OMG so cool i want one of those,
were can i buy them?
were would you get those contact  at
how much would those  cost
Thats so cute where did you get them ?
omg! thats exactly the kind of thing my friend would love. x
i must have them where did you get them
omg i want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute, yet a little to much for my beautiful eyes. 😍
me to i feel your pain those things are scary
those are really scary....o.o It's like "My name is hello kitty, and I can see you through insert name here's eyes tehee!"
I think Kim Jae Joong will love it,, may be he even try to wear it :p
You know kitty, she not the type to leave unperfect jobs
where do i get those contacts?
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now that I think about it, they look a little cool, but not wen u put it in your eye ;)
Ахах, Не представляю встретить на улице девушку с такими линзами  
Gaby L
Thats awesome!
bad for your eyesight LOL
Leah L
ew thats kinda gross but cool
how what ehh its so cute my sibs would loves it
kiko lk
OMIGASS!!! I need this but too scared to put contacts ; - ;
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