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{ アニメ } I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
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i've forgotton this pokemon's name...
In Germany it's Chaneira <3
Aly Y
lol that cute!!
i bet ya most of the people who is replying to this thing are girls lol as am i lol
hmm . . . I just came to this hangout. . . I thought there would be more tentacle porn and loli?
^ joking ^
I remember this episode from when i was little Chancy always had mistakes...
no . . .thank . . .you. you are a Nerutard imo
they say to this day they are still flipping it
Chansey is soon going to slap the crap out of this person for flipping her book.
this is me in social studies at school
Me in...Wait I dont read!
WAIT!!!! that's how ur supposed 2 hold a book!? 13 yrs. have gone by and now ur telling ME
reading a book.....your doing it right=)
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