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{ public service announcement } be careful with those hello kitty guns, you don't want to go to jail 
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There's something happening here.
What it is ain't exactly clear
It starts when you're always afraid
Step out of line, the men come and take you away.

Since I was 11, I've seen this day coming. I'm 55 now.
You know what's really sad?? I can't get over how FEW people can see it even now!
Lol, I read about this in the morning today, I was like...Can you schools not do that. It's a hello kitty gun that blows BUBBLES. OMG, IM SO SCARED, A GIRL IS GONNA KILL ME WITH BUBBLES! THEY'LL POP ME TO DEATH!
Ever since all the school shootings The schools have become so uptight.
+Danielle Ramiah The company is not responsible for that either. If you're willing to go that far, blame all entertainment companies, which would include tv show, films, games, music, advertisement. Which sounds unreasonable. 
I don't think there are any Hello Kitty guns. Pink guns lack class.
Now, the Batz Maru double-handed sword on the other hand(s) is big, black, bold and can open pretty much any letter short of an Amazon box!

Then there is the small matter of Azel's Dokanbo. ^^; (Not sure how many people know that series.) A reusable grenade on a stick!
shakes her head

It's a BUBBLE gun. Oooh scary. If you get a bubble in your eye, then there may be some pain.

It wasn't a nerf gun. If those are modded well enough that foamy bullet can leave a small bruise.

It wasn't a paint ball gun. My sister got shot by a dude who froze his paint balls, not only did it leave welts but it caused her to go particially blind in her eye when he hit the corner of her eye.

So in terms of threat level... Someone needs a dose of reality.
Yeah...I think I am in agreement with is freaking stupid! Hello Kitty is about as threatening as my cat...
+Mariah Canfield-Jones It's not hello kitty that makes her a " terrorist" but rather that she said she will shoot someone with it. Basically the notion of shooting a person. :s silly I know. 
Seriously? She was possibly playing a game with her friends and some kid got butt hurt she was winning or something..
Doesn't it make you proud to be american?
(I'm not, but you probably guessed that.)

You need to lighten up and stop letting mentally incompentent people have guns, such as the army and minors.

I think a Hello Kitty tactical nuke would be awesome! The enemy whoever they be, would be killing themselves laughing  as this big pink thing comes inbound! Now..the question is, would it be a proper explosion or would it be a foamy/bubbly mess?
The game "treadmarks" had a super happy missile...
yeah, sure hope so.... where can i buy it?
That is just laughable! Serious, that's the stupiest thing yet, I've ever heard happen in America, omg.
threat from bubbles and a bubble gun? wth?
I thought only real guns harm people. But, these guns, what?
we need new people in posissions of government. what we have here is a clear case of fucking overpowered officials that didn't get much attention from their parents so they try to make it seem like they know what they are doing just for their own purposes. its painful to think that this is what our world is becoming. its just drasticaly stupid. way to go obama. this is what that speech you gave has caused. "oh no there is a rubber band on the ground, we have to put caution tape around it so a kid won't grab it and hurt someone." dumbasses. -. - 
Zero Tolerance equals Zero Justice.

And an awful lot of moronic lack of exercising personal judgment.
-_- this is just getting out of hand now. 
We need hello kitty bubble gun control too. ROFL
dem bubble guns. They're pretty dangerous right? xD
lol~ this will make the bubble gun factory closed..
We should all stock up on bubble guns for the apocalypse.
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