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{ となりのトトロ } anyone for making a snow-Totoro?
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That's surely better than the regular Snowman.
This is just too awesome for words.
Wow, this is amazing.
Omg I used to watch this with my sister when I was little... <3
I would want to make a snow totoro, if only there's snow here in UAE. LOL! :p
The Ghibli museum in Mitaka has a cat bus for the children, complete with makurokurosuke for throwing at other children. Don't bother, they don't let adults in it and it is usually very crowded.

I haven't been there in quite a while, possibly because we went in a posse with Suzuki Honami ^^;
May Lay
cool,but i like
no one knows what that means
I would, but alas, I have no snow.
CURSE GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like these kitties...
they're pretty cool........
I wish I can see that in real life
i hope thats pokemon if not im confused
It's Totoro and the catbus, from My Neighbour Totoro. A Studio Ghibli film.
wow you have some very talented snow molders there!
love move heart but heart move of the man
n kh
I have the greatest respect for Artists that care so much about what they do.  Well done!!!!
Awesome ice sculptures. . Artist?
Looks like snow sculpture, its wonderful!
AWWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
OMG!!! That is awesome!!! Table Flip 
I could eat you up, I love you so.  Don't Go. Don't go.
Wooooow!!!! Great art
I love Totoro sooooo much! A snow Totoro, well that's cool - okay - cold!
Wow.....Very artistic indeed...
It is beautiful.this picture has the colours blue and white,it is so
conforting when you stare into it because all you see are promises of Love and peace that hugs you in a way you can never imagine.
nice but something terror
i can even make a perfect snow man xxxxx
u rt me too i cant make snow man
i want to know to make it? can u tell me?
Is this alice in wonderland stuff-and the queen of hearts waved her magic wand and turned everbody to ice
Now that's what I call snow.
How did you build those!!!wow!!!
nice i like the picture my husband has one almost like it
Amazing work!
Amazing can u teach me how to do that!!!!!!! Now that's real Art!!!!!! :)
where is this snow sculpture festival? Japan? What city?
Real art is either rare, only exists for a short time, always there forever, or the product of your hard work
awesome i wish i lived in a place with snow
Yen Vu
That is awsome! Love the little kid :)
i love the movie its just sooo cute!!!!! totoro forever!!!
Neha P
Thats soo cool!! 
That awesome I wonder where you got that picture.
couldn't they put a snow naruto thee?
I want to help make one of those!

all cool i want to make one or hav mie big bro do it for meh
wow... where is this? i'm guessing it's either Japan or Korea
coolest thing ever
go totoro
and ghibli films
That's cool,I wanna one in front of my house!
thnak's you friend so google and gmail?...text me
Please bring them to Sunny South Africa they can live in my backyard ..... so beautiful!
wow thats awesome
ooooh this is amazing wish we had this in south africa
That is so cool! How do they do that?
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yeah! the catbus has so many strange feature. it has 12 feet, a cool door, the furry body up to the seat... i wanna ride on it!!
Cool. Um wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. ;-))
You+me+he+,,,= 7 000 000 000 (+) ?? No!!!  ( -)please
tu es bête ou intelligent ?
sais-tu compter ??
ou tu es débile qui veut 9 000 000 000 ????
the snow = la neige
the sand = le sable
the smaile = le sourire
totoro isn't a monster >:(
hes the forest guardian
ya but thats just how he laughs so they thought they might do it like that
see, i would be THAT person to go and splash it with warm/hot water XD
May May
Lol...the kid is funny xDD
Leah L
I want this in my backyard...
Just think of how you could scare someone with this in the dark.
increíble es poco son hermosas obras 
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