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{ CLAMP } what's the best way to ruin xxxHOLiC? here's a way — make a live action version! found via | visit our page
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well does it really ruin it or is that just a biased opinion. I believe Mushi-shi live action was very well done as my example. Now if it was done in America then yes it would be ruined in the first 3 seconds of the movie. I am excited to see this come out in the US.
I agree with +Demetri Gorjaczew, is you're judgement premature (since I thought the movie releases next month in Japan), or is it a bad movie? I've seen a lot if good live action adaptations come from Japan  If it were coming out produced stateside yea I'd say it would be terrible.  I can't wait to see it.
+Devin DeVore I heard about this about a month ago and going back through my source the series (my mistake I thought it was a movie it's a live action series) won't be released until February 24.  Unless received some kind of screener I'm curious to know how they think it'll ruin the franchise.
+Chase Carpenter those stills look so cheap in terms of production value — the lighting and costumes looks like a second rate soap opera. If you look at the original manga there's so much care and work in every panel that you see. I'll grant you that that this live action version could be very well done, but those teaser stills don't say "high quality". i hope i'm wrong! I agree the stills look cheap but teaser stills almost never paint a good picture on how a series is gonna be.  I think the costumes look pretty good considering it's really difficult to replicate IRL what is in manga or anime.  Watch an episode or two before passing judgment on how something will be.  You may be surprised, it may be great, I may be surprised and it may be the worst thing produced but you can't pass judgement on a series based on a few stills.
Well if you look on how grand the clothing in the manga is. I think they would blow the budget to try and match it just on the cloths. Plus I would rather see post production pictures.
Well, I watch Onizuka and (haven't yet but will) You're under arrest so I'll watch this too.
1 picture: Wow this seems cool!
Other pictures: ... What?
true. however sometimes live action is just as good. Case in point Detroit Metal City
Never saw the anime! I don't like the art so maybe I can check out the live action

they look good....
and it will sound good...
i know.....
woah,wanna watch it ^^
they should change the character that plays Watanuki though.
watanuki! yuko! what have they done to you?

really xxxholic and live action dont mix... maybe it has something to do with the spirits...or maybe its just my opinion.
this is not just a cosplay it's a real live action series. but i prefer the anime and manga.
Nico Vi
I don't think this looks very good
hope theres a second season
Ugh, no kidding...I made an xxxHOLIC amv and when I searched online for pictures to put in it I kept finding those live-action pictures!  The actors don't look even vaguely like them!  And that's why anime characters with big eyes are a problem when it comes to live-action...
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