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{ けいおん! } this is just too silly not to share! found via +Stephen Jin  #anime  
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Don't worry, there is now a K-On Joshi-Daisei comic, now they are legal tender, what can possibly go wrong?

(4-coma never really cranks my tractor though.)
awww so cute awesome anime so crazy love it haha
well because they gradated and so they finished the series
mugi-chan is soo cute when she sleep...hehhe
pleases answer...does k-on season 3 will not be launched?
May May
haha...i wanna season 3 toooo!!!!!!!
K- on clap clap
K-off clap clap
The K :3
when k-on s3 will be launched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol most people do :D
i had a k-on dream last night and i was ritsu
two of my sisters were yui and mio
mugi was mugi
it was so scary
we were supposed to play fuwa fuwa time, but the original song turned on and we just did the music
for some reason in the dream i said that seven other members joined but in the end there were only five. 
mugi-chan soo cute when she sleep!!ahahha
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