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{ けいおん! } this is just too silly not to share! found via +Stephen Jin  #anime  
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Don't worry, there is now a K-On Joshi-Daisei comic, now they are legal tender, what can possibly go wrong?

(4-coma never really cranks my tractor though.)
awww so cute awesome anime so crazy love it haha
well because they gradated and so they finished the series
mugi-chan is soo cute when she sleep...hehhe
pleases answer...does k-on season 3 will not be launched?
May May
haha...i wanna season 3 toooo!!!!!!!
K- on clap clap
K-off clap clap
The K :3
when k-on s3 will be launched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mugi-chan soo cute when she sleep!!ahahha
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