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{ otaku } this looks cool: clothing hangers that feature anime characters! found via +Lukman Nulhakim source:
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Another? No, She is Takanashi Rikka from 十二病でも恋がしたい(chuunibyou_demo_koi_ga_shitai)
+oleg ivanovich You wrote "jyuunibyou", not "chuunibyou".  That means "12 syndrome" rather than "eighth grade syndrome".  (It's actually "second year of middle school", but the second year of middle school in Japan is the third year of middle school or 8th grade in the US.  Translation is fun.) 
I'm not seeing a maker URL or hint anywhere. It could well be a mockup.

Sabre with ahoge?
You can only put red clothes on Char's hangar, but they dry three times as fast.
Mary V
whats with her eye?
Kool though no one will use cause of it not being a normal hanger
where is this from?

I want opne :3
Lol, those are pretty cool, though. ;)
Those are cool but, it would probably freak me out to find person hanging in my closet, lol!!
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