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Some of you may remember our house remodel gone awry. It turns out the guy who I thought was the firm's architect isn't licensed in California! Yet Mike Amini claims on "I have a degree in architecture... This allows us to... complete projects without the outside help of... architects and designers." Ballsy! Has he been working as an architect without a license for three decades?
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Well, he might technically not be lying.  Having an architecture degree and being a licensed architects are two entirely different things.  I'm pretty sure that what he did is still illegal.  (The only reason that I'm unsure is that I know you are not required to have a license to design a single-family home for yourself.  But I think that you still have to have a license to do any kind of professional design work for someone else.)

At any rate, you should definitely report him to the state board.  There are far too many incompetent and/or unscrupulous people in the building industry.
I think the questionable part of this is that it seems to me he's been deceiving clients for decades.  I certainly thought he was licensed, given that I understood him to be an architect and to be asking to architect our remodel for money.
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