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Installed Android on the HP Touchpad. $200 well spent
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i am getting one soon, added you to my touchpad circle
Let me know if u have questions
So basically you have a cool Android tablet for 299! Samsung beware?
@Mike Corbett I missed the initial fire sale. Got a 32gb for $200
+Arisudan Yadav pretty well.but don't think I'm ditching my iPhone for an android phone. I'm enjoying android on the tablet.
It does on webos side and I dunno about android yet cause its alpha 
+Mike I've not been able to use Skype on webos 
Oh, maybe I'm wrong, could swear i heard it's possible
Let me rephrase that, I've notbeen able to use video on Skype, but voice works perfectly 
Ani, that's my project for tonight, I always wait for final release but I cannot wait any more.
+Luis Canjura let me know how it goes. I'm having fun, but there are bugs. I'm gonna report some. 
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