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Installed Android on the HP Touchpad. $200 well spent
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Let me know if u have questions
So basically you have a cool Android tablet for 299! Samsung beware?
@Mike Corbett I missed the initial fire sale. Got a 32gb for $200
+Arisudan Yadav pretty well.but don't think I'm ditching my iPhone for an android phone. I'm enjoying android on the tablet.
+Mike I've not been able to use Skype on webos 
Let me rephrase that, I've notbeen able to use video on Skype, but voice works perfectly 
Ani, that's my project for tonight, I always wait for final release but I cannot wait any more.
+Luis Canjura let me know how it goes. I'm having fun, but there are bugs. I'm gonna report some. 
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