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Angus Norton
"life begins at the edge of your comfort zone..."
"life begins at the edge of your comfort zone..."


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I'm excited to join #xero We are going to have so much fun delivering beautiful accounting software to small and medium businesses across the globe!

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CVS and RiteAid are delusional. They are going down the same path the wireless carriers went down when Apple turned the wireless (iPhone) and music models (iTunes) on their heads. They will lose, not just because a QR code vs. NFC is just inferior from a technical pov, but because consumers won't want it. #applepay #mobilepayments 

Watching US baseball championship finals, otherwise known as the World Series which shouldn't be confused with true World championship that the Dominican Republic won... #americaisthecenteroftheworld

thanks for the add! I have an 04 Le Mans! She is my pride and joy...and will go to the grave with me! :)
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