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The single biggest issue with Google+ for me remains how it so constantly renders my browser unstable. (And yes, I'm using Chrome.) Add that to the lack of support for netbook-size screens and my enthusiasm is seriously tempered.
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For me it gets very wobbly when loading images, often they do not even show up. I have sent a few feedback posts to google.
I also have an issue when switching to full screen on a youtube video there is no video just audio - all my computers do this.
I'm running the v 14.0 Chrome Dev and I haven't had either of these problems. Perhaps it has better support.
Google+ in Chrome 12 on Ubuntu 10.10 seems perfectly stable - maybe an OS-specific issue?
I've been running it on Chrome 12 and it has been fine. But I do agree with you about the screen size on a notebook.
I find that sometimes I can't comment or update my status for hours on end, android app, chrome browser update etc...
Obviously it's working now :P
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