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Angus Kidman
Journalist. 80s music tragic. Incessant traveller.
Journalist. 80s music tragic. Incessant traveller.


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YouTube support is utter bloocks. What a shock.

Curious: Have you noticed a rise in people not waiting for others to exit before barging into a train or lift? How do you deal with it?

A Lifehacker reader asks: Can I learn the basics of martial arts using online resources? Thoughts? Suggestions?

I'll say one thing for Google+; it has made me realise you can build a buggier web site than Twitter.

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Testing to see how the Gplus Tweet extension works

The single biggest issue with Google+ for me remains how it so constantly renders my browser unstable. (And yes, I'm using Chrome.) Add that to the lack of support for netbook-size screens and my enthusiasm is seriously tempered.

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