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AngularJS v1.5.2 is out! (Did anyone miss v1.5.1 ? ;) )

This is a patch release for our stable 1.5.x branch. It contains a handful of bug fixes (in core and other modules), a few nice additions and a couple of small performance enhancements.
Find out all about it (as well as what happened to v1.5.1) at

Thanks to everyone involved (one way or another) in getting this release out. Especially these awesome developers that left their mark on this release:

Aashish Nagpal, Aftab Ansari, Alexander, Ben Elliott, Ciro Nunes, Daniel Herman, Foxandxss, Gabriel Monteagudo, Georgii Dolzhykov, Georgios Kalpakas, Gordon Zhu, Huc Arnaud, Igor Dolgov, Ivo Mirra, Jason Bedard, John Mercer, Josh Schneider, Kin, Lee Adcock, Lucas Mirelmann, Martin Sikora, Martin Staffa, Matias Niemelä, Matt Janssen, Maxim Salnikov, MicCarr, Michał Gołębiowski, Nabil Hashmi, Peter Bacon Darwin, Prayag Verma, Remy Sharp, Ryo Utsunomiya, Sean Murphy, Steve Shaffer, TepigMC, Thanos Korakas, Tim Ruffles, Vadorequest, Wesley Cho, Yonatan Kra, alex-teren, anh, biohazardpb4, lordg, lucienbertin, marvin sl, mohamed amr, ryanhart2, srijan
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