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AngularJS 1.0.0rc6 runny-nose is out!

Now with an even more awesome two-way data-binding for the select element!

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Cool! I love angular! :)

But I really can't understand how to get my jasmin tests to run in 1,0. I keep getting "ReferenceError: module" when I try to inject the module into my tests with "beforeEach(module('myModule', function(...." I got this working "the old way" in pre 1.0. I just need to get my services etc from the test. I found it easier when I could get them from "angular.scope()".
I found out that if the mocks script is loaded before jasmine.js the tests will fail.
Yes. We init the test injector only if jasmine is present
I'm still having problems understanding the new module api and the new way of injecting modules. A bit more complex example would be nice. Something like a custom module that includes a couple of services that uses $resource (with tests).

Say if I define three service modules A,B,C and want to use all of them in a test called multiModuleTest. How can that be achieved? Sorry for all the silly questions, but I'm just confused after all the api changes :)
If that doesn't help. Create a fiddle based on my link above and post it to our mailing list. We'll take it from there.
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